Our bodies need more than just water to stay healthy. They need nutrients, electrolytes, and vitamins, which we typically consume at mealtimes. Exercise and clinical dehydration significantly impact the levels of nutrients in our bloodstream. CeraProducts offers the best solutions for hydrating the body especially when severe dehydration and medical conditions are affecting proper bodily function, or when the body needs a product to improve performance, too.

ORS powders and beverages are often a better option for correcting dehydration than IVs or hospital care. The low-weight hydration solutions can be transported easily and only require water. Once consumed, the ORS works quickly, controlling the severity of dehydration symptoms. CeraProduct’s beverages can be used in a variety of clinical situations, from mild to severe dehydration. Our exercise-focused products take our proven formula and make it usable by anyone who needs to stay hydrated.


  • Why Do We Get Thirsty?
  • What Is ORS?
  • How Hydration Works
  • CeraLyte
  • Sugars vs Carbs
  • ORS For Patients, Athletes, and Everyday Use

Thirst is a helpful indicator of our body’s fluid levels. Usually, you can drink water to resolve the imbalance. On hot days, during exercise, or when experiencing health issues, fluid levels are rapidly and severally depleted. Excessive sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, and malnutrition are clinical issues that need a medical response. Traditionally, medical IV rehydration is used for moderate to severe dehydration, but it’s not always the best option, nor is it cost-effective. Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) are specialized powders and beverages that restore essential nutrients and fluid balance.

Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS), are scientifically developed solutions composed of a carbohydrate, electrolytes, and fluids to replace lost salts, like sodium, potassium, chloride, and citrate, along with a carbohydrate to promote cellular water absorption. A scientifically developed ORS solution will have the formula that will work with the body’s natural processes and maintain the balance of electrolytes and water. All ORS products utilize glucose-mediated transport to efficiently transfer water and sodium from the intestine to the bloodstream.

Glucose is commonly used, but increasing the proportion of sugars in rehydration solutions can be more harmful to the body, due to osmolarity. CeraProducts’ formula is rice-based, so provide maximum substrate to deliver needed electrolytes. Each of our tried-and-true rehydration beverages and powders is designed for a specific need. Rice is a complex carbohydrate (CHO), maintaining low osmolarity with twice the substrate as is possible with a simple glucose or sugar solution, thus enhancing enhance the absorption and the hydration process.

A critical component of hydration is electrolyte levels. Sodium, potassium, and bicarbonate are essential to cellular fluid balance, and a proper ORS will have the right amount of each one per specific hydration needs. Someone who is exercising or working outside should drink CeraSport, which has lower levels of the electrolytes than our CeraLyte solution, as less is needed for sweat replacement.

People with an illness that causes diarrhea or vomiting should be given an ORS with higher levels of all electrolytes, as in our CeraLyte drinks. The levels even in ceralyte will vary, depending on whether the fluid losses are very high, such as in cholera or short-gut, or general fluid loss, such as in traveler’s diarrhea, or for recovery. Each of our products replace the right level of electrolyte concentrations to match the fluids that are lost, both in clinical and for exercise or field testing situations. See our products to find what you or your clients need.

CeraLyte is scientifically formulated to replace nutrients and reduce fluid loss. Both research and field studies have shown our clinical hydration product to re-establish fluid control, minimizing loss by 18 to 30 percent. CeraLyte shortens acute diarrheal illness by as much as two days and enhances recovery. Patients given the beverage are able to absorb therapeutic agents and vitamins quicker, supporting their current wellbeing and setting the stage for healing.

These advantages are by design. The rice-based carbohydrates provide short, medium, and long chain energy sources. Per research, the carbs will be absorbed over a longer period of time, delivering water and electrolytes via biological time release systems. With the simultaneous presence of glucose and electrolytes, the body is fully able to restore its fluids.

Additionally, ceralyte has far more substrates than any other ORS and features a low osmolarity for the effective delivery of electrolytes. CeraLyte exceeds the World Health Organization's standards and is readily available.

CeraLyte 50 is for mild dehydration and maintaining fluid balance and volume.
CeraLyte 50 potassium free is for mild dehydration and maintaining fluid balance and volume.
CeraLyte 70 is for the prevention and correction of moderate dehydration.
CeraLyte 90 is for severe dehydration, where fluid losses are high and diarrhea is present.

Many sports drinks are made with too much simple sugar, usually combining fructose and sucrose, which contribute to a bloated feeling, cramping and possibly diarrhea and sometimes vomiting. Our products are a rice-based, mixed chain carbohydrate, and the body converts the rice into glucose, thus doubling the amount of substrate that can be provided and keeping the osmolarity at less than typical blood levels, for best absorption.

The mixed-chain rice carbohydrate maximizes rapid absorption and maintains very low osmolarity, delivering the right concentrations of electrolytes to match your body’s needs. The carbohydrates in rice are absorbed in the small intestine, releasing energy over time.

Simple sugars, including fructose, sucrose, and glucose, are typically absorbed in one area in the digestive tract, resulting in a burst of energy that quickly depletes. For athletes exercising for a few hours or anyone performing manual labor for over an hour, the small boost will not be enough and will negatively affect fluid levels.

CeraProducts offers unique hydration solutions, and all are gluten-free, with natural flavors and colors and are proven clinically with extensive research. Our rice-based formulas work with the body’s existing hydration processes and avoid many of the pitfalls sugar-based or simple glucose beverages offer, such as cramping or nausea. CeraSport and CeraSport ex1 help competitive athletes and weekend warriors feel better and enable sustained activity, whether they are just training or in a competition event.

CeraProducts are optimized to replace the sodium, potassium, other electrolytes, and fluids lost while sweating, especially when exercise continues for long periods of time. Our rehydration options offer sustained energy which will keep performance levels up. Many of our customers also use CeraSport during everyday activities, such as yard work, and are a healthier option than soda or sports drinks. This is because sodas and typical sports drinks have sugar which can increase fluid losses, and water or plain tea does not contain needed electrolytes.

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