Say hello to a healthier way to hydrate

We Are On A Mission To Hydrate The World, Naturally.

What began 40 years ago as a way to save lives, has grown into a lifelong commitment to provide the best, most natural, hydration solutions for everyone. No added sugars, chemicals or caffeine. Our patented rice-based formula makes Cera the worldwide choice to safely and effectively rehydrate and keep you hydrated.

We Started With Saving Lives

Cera founder, Charlene Riikonen began her journey in Bangladesh, saving lives from severe dehydration caused by infectious diarrhea using Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS). After returning to the US, Riikonen started Cera products, Inc. in 1993, determined to create a more effective ORS that uses a natural complex carbohydrate source instead of simple sugars. After years of developing and perfecting the product line, she patented the revolutionary rice-based rehydration formula. Today, millions of people across the world use Cera for their hydration needs.

What’s In Cera?

No Artificial Sweeteners

We sweeten our product with Reb A from the Stevia Leaf, so you get natural sweetness without simple sugars or artificial Ingredients.

Zero Added Sugars

100% of carbohydrate comes from rice. No fructose, no sucrose, no simple sugars.

Gluten Free

Our products are all Certified Gluten Free.


We only use organic US grown rice, never genetically modified.

Real Results.
Backed by Real Research.

Our patented all-natural rice-based formula has been scientifically proven to rehydrate you, faster and longer than products made with simple sugar or plain water.

  • Absorbs fluids and sodium quicker
  • Retains more electrolytes, longer
  • Matches electrolytes to levels of dehydration

Benefits of Cera

Rice is a Complex Carbohydrate

Glucose is necessary to absorb sodium when the body is stressed from dehydration or exercise. Unlike most sports drinks that use simple sugars and fructose, our rice formula is made of glucose polymers from complex carbohydrates.

More Sodium Is Absorbed

Simple sugars are only absorbed in the top portions of the small intestine. Rice is absorbed throughout the entire small intestine, resulting in more sodium and fluid is obtained and retained by your body. This is why Cera works better than IV fluids.

Electrolytes Travel Faster

Complex carbohydrates deliver a lower osmolality solution than sugary products, so fluids leave your stomach quickly and are absorbed faster into the bloodstream.

You Stay Hydrated

Your body absorbs and retains more fluids and electrolytes for sustained hydration.

What the Experts Are Saying

When managing diarrhea from an ileostomy, I exclusively use Ceralyte because rice based ORS both replaces losses and cuts the losses, in contrast to glucose based ORS, like pedialyte. If there is less than 1 liter of output, use Ceralyte 50. If output is more than 1 liter a day, then Ceralyte 70


Dr S, Johns Hopkins University

Ceralyte is a safer and more effective solution for my geriatric patients. I have multiple patients who have successfully transitioned from TPN and are at home with the use of Ceralyte


Dr G, Johns Hopkins University