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Cerasport EX1

Extreme Hydration | All-Natural & No Sugar Added

The “EX” in Cerasport EX1 stands for “extreme.” Born from the harsh environmental conditions of combat operations and the toughest training schools of the United States military.

Cerasport EX1 keeps you hydrated in extreme heat and environmental conditions where salt losses in sweat are higher. Cerasport EX1 is the go-to rehydration solution for firefighters, law enforcement officers and first responders, going for hours in harsh environments but cannot allow dehydration to get in the way of saving lives.

If you are in the extreme heat, extreme cold, or high altitude and need to replenish sweat losses quickly, Cerasport EX1 is the product for you. If “extreme” refers to your training, Cerasport EX1 is designed to replenish high electrolytes losses in sweat during high intensity training, regardless of the environment.  

Created along with doctors from Johns Hopkins, our rice-based rehydration formula is scientifically proven to rehydrate you better than a sports drink made with simple sugars. Cerasport EX1 allows your body to absorb the electrolytes and fluid easily and with maximum efficiency.

Lives depend on you being at your best and you can depend on Cerasport EX1 to keep you at your best.

Extreme circumstances call for extreme solutions. They call for Cerasport EX1.

Try it today, and feel difference of rice-based hydration.