• Say hello to everyday clean hydration

    Cerasport can be used during your casual workout, yoga session or race around town.

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  • Say hello to clinical clean hydration

    Ceralyte delivers the right formula of electrolytes designed to reduce illness due to dehydration.

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  • Say hello to extreme clean hydration

    Cerasport EX1 keeps you hydrated in extreme heat and environmental conditions.

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  • The Cera Difference

    We keep things simple, clean, and honest. No added sugar, GMOs, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners. Where most sports drinks and ORS products use a simple carb like sugar, our patented all-natural rice-based formula is a complex carb — so you absorb and retain more fluids faster and longer. Now you can feel better with and about what you put in your body, because of what we put, and don’t put, in our products. Impactful Clean Hydration

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