And then it became so much more. The original team of researchers that founded CeraProducts were focused on stopping the widespread death caused by deadly diseases, like Cholera. The symptoms of this illness include diarrhea and vomiting, which are rampant killers in the developing world. They do not have access to IV-hydration or the medications that you can find in most wealthy countries.

CeraLyte was developed as a clinical supplement and replacement for IV rehydration. Our rice-based formula lasts longer than sugary counterparts, controls even the most severe symptoms, and balances fluid levels on a cellular level. We use this formula in our powders and beverages to help people worldwide.


From there, we discovered that our formula could be adapted for many other uses. CeraSport, CeraSport ex1, and CeraVacx are our other proven products. CeraVacx is an ingestible vaccine without any need for needles. We have found vaccinating through these methods to be incredibly successful and improves the upon the traditional process in every way. CeraVacx is needle-free, delivering live cultures to the intestines through ingestion. This formula protects the culture as it is absorbed, vaccinating the patient quickly and effectively.

CeraLyte Can Help Your Patients

Our variety of CeraLyte products are designed for specific hydration needs. From our mild hydration formulas found in ceraLyte 50, to our larger-volume and severe hydration ceraLyte 90 packets, medical professionals improve the health of their patients. Our rice-based formula includes mixed-chain carbohydrates and are all-natural, providing electrolytes and fluids to patients patients with medical restrictions and dietary restrictions. For more information on how our formula works, visit our Get the Facts page.