Johns Hopkins University

B. Greenough, MD, FAACP

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health and School of Medicine. Dr. Greenough was Director of the ICCDDR, where oral electrolyte solutions (ORS) was discovered; he is responsible for the first studies on this topic, and is widely published and respected in the field.

Kevin Gerold, DO, JD

Johns Hopkins Medicine, Departments of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine. His areas of specialty include burn resuscitation and providing operational medical support during high-risk, large-scale, and extended operations. He is a consultant-trainer to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and has published a number of articles and lectured on topics related to tactical medicine; including the prevention and treatment of heat-related illness.

David A. Sack, MD

Director, Centre for Health and Population Research, Bangladesh (formerly, ICDDRB). Professor, Johns Hopkins Schools of Hygiene and Public Health and School of Medicine, Dr. Sack is the former Chair of Human Research at Johns Hopkins. He is the head of Johns Hopkins Vaccine Testing Unit. Dr. Sack is a consultant for both the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan-American Health Organization, and is widely known for his innovations in Cholera vaccine research.

Mark Donowitz, MD

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Donowitz is one of the top specialists in absorption mechanisms and is the former Chair of the Dept. of Gastrointestinal Diseases at Johns Hopkins.

American Federation for Medical Research


Alan Lewis Buchman, MD

He is the former president of the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR) and served on committees that include the FDA’s Gastrointestinal Drugs Review Committee for which he was acting chair, AGA’s Education and Manpower and Training Committees, Council of the Central Society for Clinical Research, and National Commission on Digestive Diseases. He is past chair of the AGA’s Nutrition and Obesity Section.


United States Public Health Service

Roscoe M. Moore, JR, DVM, PhD, DSc

Former Assistant United States Surgeon General and Rear Admiral, United States Public Health Service (Ret.) Dr. Moore was a career officer within the United States Public Health Service within the Immediate Office of the Secretary of Health & Human Services. He has conducted clinical research on infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and has carried out epidemiological research on a number of chronic and molecular diseases. He is the Founder and President of PH RockWood Corporation which is focused on the prevention, treatment and control of infectious diseases worldwide.

Aga Khan University

Abdul Majid Molla, MBBS, MD, PhD

Dr. Molla joined the Aga Khan University as full professor and chairman of the deptartment. Later in 1992 he joined Kuwait University also as full professor of peadiatrics. Dr. Molla is Chairman of Pediatrics at University of Kuwait Hospital. Dr. Molla is a pediatrician and scientist responsible for much of the original study and research on cereal-based oral electrolytes; he is world-renowned for his scientific expertise in this field.

Tufts University

Zarin G. Jacobson, DVM

Dr. Jacobson is a graduate of Tufts University of Veterinary Medicine, specializing in small animal medicine, with experience in management of dehydration. Her research includes work on antibodies against Vibrio cholera in cattle, published in Proceedings of the Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, UK, as well as work with fresh water porpoises in Bangladesh.

Mayo Clinic

Darlene Kelly, MD, PhD

Dr. Kelly specializes in Crohn's and short-bowel syndrome; she holds a doctorate in Nutrition and is a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic.