Cerasport Sport Stick

Cera Products Inc

Cerasport enhances performance and prevents dehydration caused by sweat loss. It is available in individual packets that yield 500 mL. 

Cerasport is available in the following flavors:

• Citrus
• Fruit Punch

For endurance events and training regimens where carbohydrate consumption before, during and after activity is essential in order to help maintain blood sugar and prevent fatigue. For example, long distance running, triathlons, long distance cycling, backpacking, adventure races or other physical activities lasting over 60 minutes.  Prevents dehydration and improves performance, without the cramping and nausea of many sugar-based sports drinks.  Cerasport enters the bloodstream quickly providing fluid and electrolyte replacement, and sustains energy through a patented time-release, long-chain formula.  Rice based and gluten-free.

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