Supporting Our Heroes at Home and Abroad


Our products kept heroes healthy and strong during the Iraq War. It was during this conflict that CeraSport ex1 was developed. A medic using CeraLyte wanted something he could give soldiers for rapid hydration. He diluted the original formula so it could be consumed like store-bought sports drinks, quickly restoring electrolytes and nutrients.

After we heard from the soldier, we got the idea to develop CeraSport ex1. This version of our formula provided higher amounts of potassium and sodium but was reduced in its clinical intensity. CeraSport ex1 was made to hydrate during hot and humid days, when working at high altitudes, or while performing rigorous activity.


Our military is a worldwide force. They are deployed to harsh and extreme environments that push them to the limits of their training and physical ability. In these situations, hydration is a primary concern. How can the soldiers continue in combat or provide relief to remote areas unless they have the nutrients and fluid levels to do so?

In the early 2000s, we partnered with the Air Force and many other branches to solve the hydration problem. Whether deep in the desert or training, CeraProducts is used to balance fluid levels and control dehydration. Ceralyte 70 was put to the test by Uniformed Services University and the researchers at Ft Detrick.

They took it to the Middle East, to see how it helped soldiers in the high heat and cold conditions. Our clinical hydration powder proved itself to be the best ORS, time and time again. In 2005, the Air Force Surgeon General testified before Congress that CeraLyte works and will be issued to the airmen.

From there, CeraLyte 70 was made standard issue for airmen medical kits and flight jackets. Now, our hydration powders and beverages are used by all other service branches. Special Operations Forces (SOF), field hospitals, military schools, medical centers and clinics each provide CeraProducts to prevent dehydration and keep our military going.


We provide our hydration products to all branches of the military. To see how our proven, all-natural ORS can help you or your troops, contact us today!

For Our Military Purchase Holders:

NATIONAL STOCK NUMBERS (NSNs) assigned to all products.

VA/GSA Contract # V797D-70223
DAPA MED/SURG Contract # SP0200-05-H-0081
DLA CEC Contract # SPM2D0-07-D-0005
NAPA # 0473
DUNS 83-59
NAICS 325412