It Started With The Goal
To Stop Dehydration

Ceralyte was developed as a clinical supplement to solve real world problems. Our team of doctors and researchers were focused on stopping the widespread death caused by dehydration and diarrhea brought on by diseases like cholera.

Help Treat Your
Patients’ Needs

From mild dehydration and the flu to extreme fluid losses from cholera, short gut syndrome, bowel disease and burns, our series of products are designed to match your patient’s specific hydration needs at any age.

We’re At The Cutting Edge Of ORS Technology

With the release of Ceravet for animals and Ceravacx for oral vaccine delivery, our focus is on prevention not just treatment as we continue to evolve our hydration solutions.

We Are On The Front Line

We have taken our world class rehydration science and brought it to Military combat medics, first responders, endurance athletes and home health medical patients.

Ask For Cera

Here are some helpful resources to request Cera products and medical reimbursement.

What the Experts Are Saying

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