We save lives with our rehydration products. We are committed to helping people who suffer from dehydration by providing cost-effective and easily-administered solutions. As a scientific leader in oral rehydration products, we will continue to improve our products and deliver them to those in need.


In Bangladesh, founder Charlene Riikonen saw first-hand the effects of dehydration: suffering and death. Riikonen and a team of researchers at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (ICDDRB) were working to stop the widespread death and malnourishment caused by dehydration. The only solution to these issues was IV hydration therapy, an expensive option in limited supply. In a place where cholera, limited water access, and unhealthy living conditions were (and are) endemic, Riikonen and her team saw an opportunity to save llives.

This team invented Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) as a cost-effective and simple solution. Instead of using an intravenous option, they created a formula for nutrients and electrolytes that would reverse the effects of dehydration and balance fluid levels. With these oral rehydration solutions (ORS), they could control even the most severe symptoms. The ICDDRB physicians used the newfound solution to reduce the cholera outbreak the death rate from 50% to less than 3%.


After ten years of investing her time and energy into ORS research, Riikonen founded Cera Products Inc. Her goal was to improve upon the original glucose-based formula and deliver a healthier option to the world. Her team for these new efforts included Esko Riikonen, Drs. W. B. Greenough, III and D.A. Sack, Cheryl Mitchell, and physicians from Johns Hopkins University. Research pointed to using a rice-based formula.

As a long-chain carbohydrate, rice contains many times the energy of sugar and is better suited to people with allergies. When combined with hydration nutrients, Riikonen's new ORS provided unmatched results.


With the discovery of an effective rice-based formula, we created CeraLyte. This clinical solution to dehydration meant that we could help people suffering from dehydration, without IVs and expensive solutions. Since then, we have used this product to save lives around the world. As our research and efforts continued, we found new ways to help people stay hydrated.

ceraProducts have been used by the military to keep our heroes hydrated in the harshest conditions. We now have an ORS for nearly every level of dehydration or physical activity. Rice-based hydration is an all-natural and powerful option for staying hydrated. Try our products today to experience true hydration!