The Science of Cera

Through extensive clinical research and three worldwide patents, our all-natural rice-based formula has been scientifically proven to absorb in your body differently, so you can rehydrate faster and longer.

Pure Hydration For Everyday Life

How It Works

What’s In It



Cerasport EX1

Pure Hydration
For Every Day Life

When you’re dehydrated, water isn’t enough to replace the fluids your body lost. You need electrolytes to help absorb fluid and carry water inside and outside your cells and bloodstream. Our products are specially designed to deliver the right amount of electrolytes based on your hydration needs.

  • Everyday Hydration
  • Extreme Hydration
  • Clinical Hydration

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How It Works

We only use complex carbs.

Unlike most sports drinks that use simple sugars and fructose, our rice formula gets the necessary glucose from complex carbohydrates.

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What’s In Cera?

Nothing but all-natural, clean, healthy ingredients. Because your body deserves it.

All Natural

Cera flavors and colors are 100% natural. No artificial colors or flavors.

Zero Added Sugars

We sweeten our product with Reb A, so you get natural sweetness without the simple sugars.

Gluten Free

Our products are all Certified Gluten-Free.


We only use organic US grown rice, never genetically modified.


Restore and sustain fluid balance on a cellular
level to effectively treat severe dehydration
and reduce illness.

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Stay hydrated throughout the day during your casual workout, yoga session or race around town.

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Cerasport EX1

Power through an intense workout or a marathon training session with more electrolytes for extreme heat and environmental conditions.

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Just Good, Clean Hydration

Keep your kids hydrated and happy during practice and games. Cerasport delivers the taste they’ll love and the hydration they need, without any added sugar.


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