How to Choose a Sports Drink

December 31, 2018

How to Choose a Sports Drink

How to Choose A Sports Drink

When you exercise and sweat heavily you need more than just water to rehydrate. Learn why Cera is the perfectly formulated sports drink!

You’ve made the commitment to a healthy lifestyle and hitting the gym.  


Part of a healthy lifestyle is staying hydrated, and when you exercise and sweat heavily- you need more than just water to rehydrate.

Proper hydration is such a need, the sports drink market is worth over $4 BILLION dollars in the US.  


That’s some thirsty people.

Not all sport drinks are alike. For that matter, it seems like every drink has something different in it, or an ever-flashier label, packaging, or promises to be the end all be all to keep you hydrated.

But what actually makes a good sports drink?

What does the science say you need to rehydrate when you are sweating during your workout or playing your sport?

You need it to be water based (duh), with the electrolytes sodium, chloride, and potassium that you are sweating out. Citrate to help cut acidity and absorb sodium, and a carbohydrate source with low osmolality (osmo- what?!) to absorb the fluid and sodium into your cells. Throw in a dash of all-natural flavor and natural sweetener to encourage you to drink it as you sweat.

That’s it.

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What is Osmolality

Osmolality is a fancy science and dietitian term that means how many particles are in a solution. It’s a big deal. The electrolytes, citrate, and carbohydrates are all particles mixed in with water to help keep you hydrated.

In order for all of these ingredients to work effectively, the amount of each needs to be balanced properly based on your dehydration levels.

If your sports drink has too high an osmolality, especially from carbohydrates, your body will dehydrate. Too many electrolytes and your body will fight to keep fluid in your cells.

The balance of nutrients is critically important!

It took the Cera scientists three years of research and testing to finally get our Cerasport and Ceralyte formulas right.

Many “sports drinks” either omit key ingredients, cut corners trying to balance the osmolality levels, or rely on a big name athlete, a few big scientific sounding words and the placebo effect to sell you a product.

Osmolality is a fancy science and dietitian term that means how many particles are in a solution. It’s a big deal.

Fact 1: The Danger Simple Sugars in Your Sports Drink

We need carbohydrates to facilitate absorption of the fluid and electrolytes. Anything with “zero calories” is not hydrating you any better than water.

Period, full stop.

Most products on the market use simple sugars like glucose or fructose. The simpler the carbohydrate, the more particles in a solution, the less it hydrates you.

The more particles… the higher the osmolality. There’s that big word and that balancing act again.

Cera products are rice based. Rice is a (reads from the scientific manual) “complex carbohydrate source providing short, medium, and long chains of glucose.” So it has extremely low osmolality.

Scientifically speaking, simple vs complex carbs impact two areas of how your body processes a sports drink: how fast it leaves your stomach and how well it is absorbed into your body by the small intestine.

Complex carb based products, like Cera, will exit the stomach quickly. The fluid is absorbed throughout the entire small intestine, maximizing your rehydration and keeping you at your best.

Simple sugars will stay in the stomach longer. You know that sloshy, bubble gut, generally gross feeling in your stomach when you work out really hard and drink something really sugary- that’s what we are talking about.

Worse, you can only absorb simple sugar in the two smaller sections of your small intestine.

The small intestine is roughly 23 feet long divided into three parts. Imagine only being able to use half of it!

A sports drink with a rice-base has none of those issues. In fact, Cerasport’s medical equivalent, Ceralyte, is recognized around the world as the most effective way to rehydrate people with serious stomach and digestive issues.

Fact 2: You Need Chloride in Your Sports Drink

30% of the 56 sport drinks recently reviewed omit chloride. There are only 3 electrolytes you need to replace when you sweat, and 30% of the products on the market leave one out!!

Sodium and potassium are the positively charged ions you lose when you sweat. Chloride and citrate are the negatively charged ions. They need to be paired with each other to be absorbed into your body.   Citrate is also used to absorb sodium and reduces acidity of your blood.

Inadequate chloride results in your muscles cramping or seriously slowing down because they can’t properly “fire.” Finally, chloride also helps your body more efficiently process CO2 (aka carbon dioxide).

You need chloride. If you don’t see it on the label, you aren’t getting everything you need in a sports drink.

Products that do not contain chloride: Nuun, Cytomax, Body Armor, Skratch labs, UCAN regular, GU Roctane and tabs, Osmo “men” and “women”, Fit Aid, Klean, Honey Badger, AquaGard, Oral IV, Crank Sports e-Fuel, Vitamin Water, and Liquid IV.

Fact 3: Making Sure It’s All Balanced

Cerasport is designed to be the optimal sport drink. It only has what is lost in sweat, and in the amount you need to replace as you exercise.

When you sweat you lose anywhere from 400-1800 mg sodium per liter. Cerasport has 460 mg of sodium per liter. If you are a heavy sweater or in high heat, Cerasport EX1 has 800 mg per liter.

Since we use the right complex carbohydrate, there is no need to have excess calories.  Cerasport only has 80 calories per 16 oz serving.

All of this is backed up by science, a lot of science. There are 17 published studies using Cerasport and Ceralyte, demonstrating its effectiveness in rehydrating people worldwide, and under the toughest circumstances.  

The scientists who helped create Cera include physicians from Johns Hopkins who pioneered the science of oral rehydration, the scientific discipline used to figure out how to keep you hydrated.

As you commit this year to a new you and being your best, commit to using the best. To taking care of your body properly, and making sure the products you consume are all natural and do what they say they do.

As you commit this year to being a better, stronger, faster you, use the best hydration product to help you get there, Cera!

Rice based, NON-GMO, gluten free, all natural and scientifically sound, Cerasport is here to help. You set those 2019 resolutions and we’ll be along for the ride to keep you properly hydrated!

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