Cera Products is now Certified Low FODMAP!

March 24, 2020

Cera Products is now Certified Low FODMAP!

Cera Products is now Certified Low FODMAP


FODMAP stands for “Fermentable Oligosaccharide Disaccharide Monosaccharide and Polyols.” FODMAPs are short chain carbohydrates found in a wide variety of foods and include lactose (in milk), free fructose (in pears, apples), fructans and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS, found in wheat, rye, artichokes, garlic and onions), galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS in legumes), and sugar polyols (sorbitol and mannitol in stone fruits and artificial sweeteners). Researchers at Monash University have shown that certain carbohydrates in foods called FODMAPs contribute to IBS symptoms. A low FODMAP diet is the most effective treatment for IBS and IBS-like symptoms.

Most sports drinks contain excess fructose and sugar alcohols, rendering them high in FODMAP. Endurance athletes often experience IBS symptoms and struggle with finding a sports nutrition product that will fuel them without causing tummy trouble. An ORS or Oral Rehydration Solution is a special type of hydration solution used to treat severe dehydration and diarrhea. A large number of products claiming to be an ORS contain fructose and sugar alcohols, making the product high in FODMAPs and worsening diarrhea.

Consequently, low FODMAP is a very important feature for a hydration solution, particularly in populations where large amounts of a hydration solution is required to maintain hydration during high output. First responders, endurance athletes, military and patients with GI disease are just a few examples of individuals with high fluid requirements. All these individuals are susceptible to IBS symptoms from the stress of activity, dehydration or chronic illness. Cera Products makes both sports drinks and ORS. All Cera Products contain zero simple sugars, zero fructose, zero artificial colors or flavors. Products are sweetened using Stevia. Cera uses a patented rice-based formula, and as a result, is naturally low in FODMAPs. In addition, all Cera Products are Certified Gluten Free by the National Celiac Association.

Cera Products, Inc. submitted three of our products for official low FODMAP certification by Monash University. Samples of Cerasport Citrus, Cerasport EX1 Pomegranate, and Ceralyte 70 Lemon have been analyzed and were assessed to be low in FODMAPs. We are proud to formally distinguish them as a “Monash University Low FODMAP CertifiedTM product.”

Monash University Low FODMAP Certified trademarks used under license in the United States by Cera Products, Inc. These products can assist with following the Monash University Low FODMAP dietTM. A strict low FODMAP diet should not be commenced without supervision from a healthcare professional.

A low FODMAP diet does not treat a disease but may help to meet nutritional needs with reduced gastrointestinal symptoms. Monash University receives a license fee for use of the Monash University Low FODMAP Certified trademarks. https://www.monashfodmap.com/ .  

For more information on incorporating Cera Products into your nutrition plan, please reach out to our dietitian, Trisha Stavinoha, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, TSAC-F, at tstavinoha@ceraproducts.us.

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