Be Prepared for Flu Season with Ceralyte

February 06, 2019

Be Prepared for Flu Season with Ceralyte

We don’t need to tell you that when the flu bug hits, it can absolutely shut you down.

Let’s take a minute and go through some of the best ways to recover faster and more effectively when the flu and other winter weather bugs hit you and your family.

Stay Home

When you have the flu or the stomach flu, it won’t do anybody any good if you head into the office. Worse, doing such a thing will only put your colleagues at risk to pick up your sickness. As much as you think your company might need you for the day or two that you are coughing and wheezing with a 102-degree fever and chills, they will survive.  

What if you don't have time off? This brings up a human resources issue we are not trying to solve.

Ceralyte For Flu Fighting Power

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Once you’ve committed yourself to staying home to heal, you need to rest. We get it, it’s tempting to try and tick off chores from the list or multitask in this increasingly busy world.

In the flu’s grip? your body is not operating efficiently. It is spending a tremendous amount of energy trying to kill the virus and bring down your fever. Help yourself recover faster by powering down. If you can, it’s the perfect time for a Netflix binge and then a nap or two. Your body needs as much exterior calm so it can focus on the internal battle with the flu virus.

All of that said, we understand that for parents and other people, some of this might not be practical. Life gets busy and sometimes you have to do what you have to do, we’re with you!

Any way you can do it, get in as much rest as you can as you are fighting your flu bug. Even if your life only allows for you to go bed early, it’s much better and will help you recover faster than doing nothing.

Help yourself recover faster by powering down. If you can, it’s the perfect time for a Netflix binge and then a nap or two. Your body needs as much exterior calm so it can focus on the internal battle with the flu virus.

Stay Hydrated

Your body is working overtime during a bout of the flu. The need to stay hydrated only becomes more important. Dehydration impedes your body’s ability to transport critical nutrients and makes it harder for your body’s immune defenses to get where they need to go. It also helps keep the mucus membranes in your sinuses thinner and less awful. Which reduces pressure on your throat and sinus cavity. A win all the way around, especially if your flu bug gave you that wheezy, hacky cough.

The last thing you want to do is keep pushing fluids when you are sick, we get it. Your throat feels like you are swallowing razor blades with each gulp and the cough is making things miserable. We’ve been there.

Nothing is going to change the medical advice trained experts: rest and proper hydration are the two biggest factors in helping your body recover during a bout of the flu.

An Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) like Ceralyte 70 is excellent choice to keep in your medicine cabinet for your adult flu rehydration needs. An ORS like Ceralyte 50 is designed with less sodium and ideal for your kids when they bring the sniffles home from school and threaten to turn the whole house upside down.

Ceralyte is all natural, gluten free, non-GMO and mixes easily in water. We purposefully make our Ceralyte 70 product in a Chicken Broth flavor, perfect to mix in warm water for a chicken soup like feeling of properly balanced hydration. The lemon flavor is also great poured in with an 8oz cup of honey ginger tea. Soothing your throat and giving you the perfect balance of electrolytes to get you back on your feet in no time flat.

Eat Healthy Foods

With Ceralyte covering your hydration and proper electrolyte balance, your body still needs reinforcements to help kill virus. The vitamins and minerals in fresh foods can help immensely.

Vitamin C in citrus fruits can help you get back on your feet quickly. Raw honey helps coat your throat and has shown to have some anti-microbial properties (it has been a burn salve for thousands of years), and it mixes great with Ceralyte 70 Lemon and some ginger tea, which has been shown to help your body fight the common cold and flu viruses.

Just like pushing fluids, your body needs nutrition to continue to fight the virus and get you back on your feet quickly. Make sure you are eating! The fresher and les processed the foods, the quicker it will help you get back on your feet. These are just buzzwords that gives on true guidance.

If you catch a stomach flu bug, and the uncomfortable diarrhea that comes with it, your diet is even more important. Stick with bland starchy foods like bananas, quick oats or plain rice. Your hydration is going to be even more important if you have diarrhea since your body will be rapidly expelling fluids. Ceralyte 70, or Ceralyte 50 if you child is sick, are designed to replace what you have lost, which is critical when you have a case of the bubble gut.

Finally, stay away from spicy and fried foods. These foods will upset your stomach and make the process more painful. Your body needs simple and easy to digest, not hot and spicy.

No one likes getting sick. Even the kid who gets to stay home from school is still miserable when the fever, aches and sore throat hit. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to get better quicker. This flu season, in addition to the vapor rub, consider adding Ceralyte 70 for you and Ceralyte 50 for your kids to keep you hydrated and giving your body the optimal hydration and electrolyte balance to fight your dreaded annual flu bug.

I thought Ceralyte 70 was fine for adults and kids?


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