"Ceralyte didn't change my life it saved it."

April 17, 2015

"HI there. Well enclosed is a picture of me. I am not very photogenic, but that's me. And what I would like to say to you and your group is: This may seem corny, but if it weren't for the fact that Cera and Dr Kelly from the Mayo Clinic were at the same conference 3 days before I was admitted to St Mary's Hospital 12 years ago for the umpteenth hundredth time for dehydration due to My Crohn's disease, my life would be very different. Ceralyte didn't change my life it saved it. With only 4 feet of small bowel, Hydration was a challenge. I spent more time in a hospital beds or ERs than finally at home being hooked up to an IV than I care to Remember. I am just a regular person who's life was restored to normal with Ceralyte.

That's the truth you folks saved my life and I am forever grateful."
Terry Anne Carter-Letchworth



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