What Physicians Say about CeraLyte

March 07, 2015

"Cera Products now provides a convenient rice-based product...that is a clear improvement over glucose-based ORT. Since ORT is estimated by the World Health Organization to save annually 3 million lives of children under age four, an improved ORT that does the job better is of great interest and importance both in the US and globally. At present there is no comparable product on the market."
WB in MD

"As sweat rates increase under hot conditions, so does the sodium content--and at maximum sweat rates, one loses between 50 to 100+ mEq/L of sodium. Extreme Athletes need to use CeraLyte-50 for best sweat replacement."
JR in MD

"I am delighted that there is now a packed product of ORS that will be freely available in the USA at a reasonable cost."
MS in MD

"Thank you for reminding me of the global impact of oral rehydration therapy. It is truly an example of high science leading to a low cost cure. You should be enormously proud of your contribution to world health."

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