Cerasport is just the best. It is my go to drink for any time I need to perform at my best in cycling or running. It is easy to digest, it never gives me stomach troubles like some of the high-sugar drinks I have tried. As long as I am drinking it during competition I can keep going strong without bonking or running low on fuel. Honestly it has NEVER let me down no matter what distance I am racing or how hot it is outside. Love this stuff!!


Being someone who lives with Type 1 diabetes it is very important to understand what is going in my body at all times when I am either running or biking. cerasport works really well because it gives me the energy I need to race my bike hard or run fast! cerasport breaks down slowly so it prevents me from having any spikes with high blood sugars which becomes hard to manage racing and managing your diabetes. Most of your traditional sugar drinks I get spikes in my glucose. cerasport really is amazing and would recommend it to anyone and especially someone living with Type 1 diabetes.


"I firmly believe my success in the last 1/3 of the race was the direct result of cerasport and good food. Without both, I have doubts that I would have finished the race. cerasport simplifies and solves the supplement/fluid nightmare of how much do I take, how often do I take and what should I take. Eureka for cerasport – I won’t go running without it!"


My name is Vikena Yutz (Kena) and I am a runner and an experienced multi-day athlete. That should have been fairly easy for me based on my past multi-day races, however, on day three of the race I contracted a stomach virus. I remembered that I had a few packs of cerasport in my bag and I had my crew mix some up for me. I truly believe that I would have never been able to "finish the race if it wasn’t for those cerasport packets. I will recommend cerasport to everyone!"


"I am a walking advertisement for ceralyte. Just about every single patient we see and that our clients see could use ceralyte."


"I believe that drinking cerasport on a daily basis (prior to, during, and after my workouts) and especially the day before a race provides me with the hydration I need going into the event so that I do not find myself depleted of fluids during the race."


"Obviously preparing to run 100 miles can be done more efficiently but I truly believe the 150 miles I completed between December 8 and December 15 without bonking or crashing in any way is in large part due to your product. I am a believer."


"As soon as I got your product I made a small attempt at setting myself up for failure; I tried to purposely dehydrate myself before I started using it. it. I limited my H2O intake along with any other product that claimed to have hydration qualities for 2 days. Then the first thing I did to test out the stomach slosh was to slam 16oz straight. Water leaves me bloated and Gatorade leaves me bloated with almost a stomach ache/I might puke kind of feeling, but not ceraproducts."