From our friend and fan Thomas:

"I had a Transplant and since then I have been hospitalized more times then I can count due to severe dehydration! My doctor asked me to try Ceralyte 50 Potassium free. I can't even begin to thank you for this product! I have less pain and have been given this boost of energy. It feels like I have been given IV fluids. I guess all I can really do is say Thank you & and place another order!"


Recent customer feedback July 2016:

Q: What products do you typically use?A: Cerasport/Cerasport EX1

Q: How often do you typically use these products?

A: Weekly

Q: Based on other brands of rehydration solutions, how do our products compare?A: Much better

Q: How likely are you to purchase again?A: Definitely will

Q: Would you recommend this product to a friend?A: Definitely will

Q: Why?A: “Good hydration minus GI distress especially at longer durations of greater than 60 minutes

Q: How did you hear about us?A: Coastal Wellness and the Hilton Head Firecracker 5K Run

July 2016:

Good morning:Stacey and I attended the Mathews Archery Shooter's Association (ASA) Pro Am in Metropolis, IL last weekend. Due to humidity, heat indexes exceeded 110 degrees on one day and 100 on another day. Thankfully a rain storm moved in and cooled everything off. And even more thankfully, we had cerasport to keep us in the game! A lot of people sure appreciated us giving them samples of Cerasport EX1. There were almost 2000 registered shooters plus their families at this event. Most are hesitant to try anything because they don't want it to affect their shooting. Some tried it and commented they didn't feel any different until at the end of the day they realized they were not fatigued from the heat and didn't have headaches from dehydration. I gave away every packet I brought to the event and wished I brought more because so many people were "falling out". Most wanted information about where and how to buy some.Thank you again for all of your support and for such a great product!Sincerely, Tracey Sadler Stacey Phetteplace

June 2016:

Review of cerasport/cerasport ex 1 from recent customer:
Q - How often to you typically use the product?
A - Once a Month
Q - Based on other brands of rehydration solutions, how do our products compare?
A - Better
Q - Would you recommend this product to a friend?
A - Definitely Will
Q - Why?
A - This product works!
Q - How did you hear about ceraproducts?
A - Military referral from previous user


May 2016:


"Good morning!

This is a photo of me shooting in Augusta, GA on April 30.

As Stacey and I've said many times, Cera keeps us hydrated, which keeps us mentally focused for judging the distance to the targets within one yard and focused on a half dollar sized spot out to 50 yards. I think if it wasn't for cerasport, we would be mentally exhausted by the start of the second day. There were over 2000 registered shooters at this event and we talked to everyone we came across.

I would to see you at an Archery Shooters Association Pro Am event. It is mind blowing to people who've never seen it. There will be the national finals, ASA Realtree Classic at Uchee Creek in Fort Benning August 4 - 7.  

Thank you for your support!

Tracey Sadler"

April 2016:

Terry Hemminger reviewed Cerasport5 star
13 hrs

Thank you CeraSport...Best Thing since Sliced Bread! The only electrolyte drink I hydrate with in my training and racing. Don't leave home without it!

Who said it doesn't get hot in April in Georgia? Temperatures and racing were hot this weekend at the WestPoint Olympic Tri in WestPoint, GA. Competitive field as usual and volunteer support was outstanding.




March 2016:

Thank you to Joshua for our most recent 5 star review on Google:"As a Platoon leader in the Infantry, I use Cerasport constantly. It helps me hydrate before, during, and after long physical training events (Long runs, rucking, etc), and drastically improves my performance and the performance of the whole platoon . I highly recommend it."

Testimonial from CeraSport customer Dr. Reginald O'Hara:

Dr. O'Hara is a daily CeraSport user and wanted to pass along his experience using CeraSport. He also works for the U.S. Airforce and a former Special Operations Army Ranger. He emailed saying:

"My leg recovery is 2 times better using CeraSport than any other electrolyte drink. I have experimented with over 50 different brands!"

We thank Dr. O'Hara for taking the time to let us know CeraSport is working for him!

Congratulations to sponsored rider Patrick Blair on his recent win at BIKEREG SUPER 8 ED SANDER MEMORIAL CX

He gave
the greatest of testimonials:

"But seriously... Cerasport is incredible. I didn't have it before one of my races and there was a significant difference in my energy levels. It is magic. Actually I usually drink 2 bottles of Cerasport 2-4hrs before my races now."

Cerasport Cyclocross Hydration


IM Florida 2015"Choppy Waters, a Splash of Head Winds and Plenty of Sun!Thank you CeraSport for being there. Couldn't have done it without you!"- Terry Hemminger‎


"My wife and I use your products personally and it has made a difference in our General health and activities such as MTB riding, running and Off road racing for several years now ."



Thank you CeraSport! Rock 'N Rollman race course degree of difficulty ranks high among the athletes…a good reason to drink the right hydration product! Thunder, lightning, and a downpour 2 hours before the 10 October race did not dampen the spirits of the athletes at this year’s Rock ‘N Rollman Half Iron, Aquabike, Duathlon, Sprint and 5K events! The race committee and volunteers made these races happen. Thank you,Terry


Testimonial from long distance swimmer:

"I competed in the Annual Swim for Alligator Lighthouse September 19, 2015. The Swim for Alligator Lighthouse is an annual 9 mile open water swim that takes place in Islamorada, the Florida Keys. The purpose of the swim is to bring awareness to treasured Historic Lighthouses on Florida’s Coastal Waterways. The proceeds from the swim benefit the Friends of the Pool in Islamorada and provide scholarships to high school students. The swim is in warm water with temperatures reaching 85 degrees. For my swim, I began hydrating the day before and then consumed 5 servings of Cerasport and 3 servings of EX1 during the race. There were only 31 individual finishers along with over 10 2-person relays and over 20 4-person relays. I finished 12 overall and 2nd in the over 60 age group. Results can be found at is also important to hydrate well during training. I’ve logged nearly 400 miles of swim training this year. I believe any training session of an hour or more requires hydration and I prefer CeraSport. Thanks CeraSport!"

Thanks Gene!



A wonderful CeraLyte Testimonial:

August 21, 2105

I first found CeraLyte 70 at a store that was going out of business.  I bought all they had because it says it was for diarrhea.  I have been struggling with chronic diarrhea for years.  That was in 2002.  In 2005 I moved from Phoenix to Galveston, TX.  Then in 2009 I moved back to Arizona.  I was taking Imodium regularly.  I couldn't think of the name of the product that worked so good.  I asked my doctor for something better, but he said I could take the Imodium several times a day.

A few days later I was desperate and kept getting dehydrated with the diarrhea.  Here in Surprise, AZ, that could be dangerous.  I found the last box of 3 CeraLyte 70, and immediately took one, than went on line with the company.

I will be talking with my doctor when I go again.  I am 75 years old, and living in the desert.  Dehydration is very dangerous here, I will not lose you again.

As always

CeraLyte Customer


"Hey y'all!!!! I just wanted to say thanks for all you do.  The long and short of it is like 2006 I was hit by a road side bomb and I suffered 3rd degree burns to both legs, and the back of my left arm. The issue is skin graphs don't I struggle with hydration in the summer. I was turned on to your product in 2012 after my most current leg surgery.

My kids compete in rodeo I am out in the heat with them.  I was visiting the hospital to get IVs due to dehydration.  With the help of your product I have only been to the ER one time guy are great.  Just wanted to share with you my little story and say thanks for helping me be able to spend more time with my thanks...if I can ever help you guys let me know....."

All of us at Cera Products want to say THANK YOU to people like Michael Hall, the fact that we can contribute to heroes like Michael makes our day!


Spartan Beast 12.2 mile obstacle race. Sharing the awesome power Cerasport has to get you across the finish line. Don't race without it!!! - Robert Goodson


Karen Kiraly- Linden

"CeraLyte and Cera Sport are the ONLY thing that I can use during my long races/training sessions! My cancer treatments really altered my body. This is the ONLY product that does not get me sick and gives the energy I need to continue on! Exceptionally good and healthy product! A true life saver!!"


From endurance swimmer Gene Fober:

"I recently completed the 2nd Annual Alligator Lighthouse swim (September 20, 2014). The swim is an 8 nautical mile event that begins from Islamorada, loops around the Alligator Lighthouse, and finishes back at Islamorada. There were over 70 solo swimmers starting the event with 41 finishers. I was the 9th overall male finisher. The conditions during the event included 83-85 degree water temperatures, rolling sea, and 100’s of jellyfish. Results at I consumed about 9 liters of 3 to 1 mixture of Cerasport to EX1 including before and after the event.

My schedule during the event was to drink at least one half liter every 30 minutes. I’ve found that this schedule allows me to compete at a high level of effort for extended periods without becoming physically exhausted. I also notice very little muscular soreness the next day as compared to previous events where I didn’t use Cerasport products. For the attached picture of the “preparing for the start”, I have an arrow pointing to me and an arrow on the right of the picture pointing to the Alligator Lighthouse. The other picture is relaxing after the swim while sipping on Cerasport."



A word from Direct Relief:

2013 was a milestone year for Direct Relief to “Deliver a World of Good”. From the folks displaced and injured by the tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest; to those in need of acute medical attention in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan; to the young women awaiting fistula repair surgeries in Africa; to diabetic children in need of nutritional and diagnostic support in Latin America;  Cera Products’ donations empowered Direct Relief in delivering more targeted medical aid to people in need in 2013 than any other year in our 65 year history.

Cera’s product donations often mean the difference between life and death for patients living in abject poverty, and Direct Relief’s ability to connect your supply to the demand in non-commercial markets makes ours an incredibly impactful partnership. Direct Relief has taken every measure to comply with the most rigorous industry standards in the distribution of prescription medications and supplies. That’s why Direct Relief remains the only VAWD accredited NGO in the United States, which combined with our logistical platform - run by SAP - and our long-standing partnerships with dedicated medical professionals in all 50 states and in 70 countries, enables us to deliver more good, to more people than ever before.

At a glance, in 2013 Direct Relief:

-          Received $ 106,499.01 in Cera’s donations (WAC)

-          Distributed $ 99,816.11 in Cera’s donations to 16 countries

Please explore your customized Crystal Reports attached for more information on the difference Cera’s donations made in 2013 and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

With deep appreciation for your partnership,

Ashley N. Cooley

Direct Relief | Resource Acquisition Coordinator

I had one of the best workouts I have had in a long time today.  This is my second speed workout this week, and I definitely performed better today using the CeraSport product as opposed to just plain water that I used in my workout on Monday. I preferred the fact that it didn’t have the normal simple sugars that most drink mixes have.....


Group photo prior to today's Chattahoochee Olympic Tri...Everyone did a great job and had lots of fun!

Big Thanks to George Gurrola for so generously providing CeraSport for all of the hydration points at this morning's 4th Annual Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic Distance Triathlon...keeping us all moving forward to the finish line.


I just wanted to say thanks for allowing us to be on your pro-staff. CeraSport has definitely helped me maintain a competitive focus, especially when the real heat is on. Many of my archery friends have tried other products but definitely prefer CeraSport during competition.

Tracey Sadler


I am currently a member of the Texas Air National Guard. I had previously used Cerasport (when told to and of my own free will!) while in Airborne School in 2008. With the black flag heat during the time I went, I attribute Cerasport to my overall health and well being there. Fast forward to 2013 and I participated in the Bataan Memorial Death March. Cera was a sponsor and provided me several packets before-during-and after the march. Without your products I would have had severe dehydration (during and post march).

A light bulb went off in my head recently after participating in an combat endurance event that left me with sever cramps. We where provided sports/hydration powders from a convenience store. After finishing I was dehydrated to the point that I failed an EKG and after seeking a cardiologist to review it; the cardiologist stated it was because of muscular dehydration! The cardiologist stated that even though your urine might be clear, it still doesn't mean your muscles(my heart) are hydrated sufficiently. I really wish I had used Cerasport on my own accord instead of relying someone else for "proper hydration". And now for that really bright light bulb; I have committed to hydrating myself right, and that means only using Cerasport products from here on out!V/RMark


I wanted to thank you for the CeraSport presentation that you performed for our battalion. The information provided gave great guidance to my RIs and Medics for proper distribution and use of the product. On our 3rd day of the Ranger Assessment Phase we treated a dehydrated ranger student who   suffered dehydration from the 12 mile road march with CeraLyte after several attempts to obtain an IV failed.

This student was tilt positive and not able to produce urine. Within 20 minutes of treatment with CeraLyte the student was tilt negative and had a normal urine specific gravity.  Educating my unit of the benefits of CeraLyte vs. IV fluid replacement made them consciously aware of a great alternate therapy. I truly appreciate the time you invested in the benefit of our battalion cadre and students.

Thanks again!

Nathan M. Setka, MPAS, PA-CMAJ, SPPhysician Assistant4th Ranger Training Battalion


The World Class Athlete Program is an Army Unit designed to develop athletes with the potential to go to the Olympics.  These athletes come in to the program already at an elite level.  The WCAP program allows them to be in the Army while focusing on their sport with resources to train, rest, and nourish themselves like an elite athlete should.  Some of them have these factors dialed in.  Many of these athletes have never had sport nutrition education and this is the one thing preventing them from going from elite athlete to Olympian.  It is important to explore all available options with regard to nutrition.  What works for one athlete may not work for another.  Hydration is one component to nutrition that every athlete handles differently and there are countless products available of variable quality.

Many of our distance runners are reluctant to drink during long runs or track workouts because they don't want to upset their stomach.  Cerasport is a perfect beverage for these athletes to try since the formulation is easier on the gut due to the lower osmolality.  Some athletes are susceptible to dehydration because they are a salty sweater or just sweat more than others or they do events that keep them moving for long periods of time.  For these athletes, Cerasport EX1 is great because it has more salt and can rehydrate them faster and more efficiently.

Our wrestlers cut significant amounts of weight, some up to 10% of their body weight, prior to a match.  We advise them to cut no more than 2-3% but the culture of wrestling makes it hard for them to be at a weight or weight class where they only need to cut 2-3%.  This severe self-induced dehydration puts them at high risk for heat injury and poor recovery just hours before a match.  Some athletes would benefit from an IV but this is not allowed.  The best alternative is an oral rehydration solution that is palatable and fast acting.  Ceralyte 50 and 70 have proven to be that beverage for some of the athletes.  As with the SOCOM Community, we have found that the athletes really like the chicken broth in warm water.  Depending on how much an athlete cuts the week before weigh in, we will use the 50 or 70 formula.  The 70 has more sodium and helps with more severe dehydration.  Athletes will drink 8-16 oz of the beverage right after weigh ins as their first intake.  This coats their stomach and intiaites the rehydration process and allows them to tolerate more fluid to finish the rehydration process.  Some need to put back 10-15 pounds of fluid.  If they did this with just water or a normal sports drink, they would have hyponatremia or signficiant diarrhea respectively.  Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting would obviously be detrimental to their performance and ability to compete.  Cera products were originally used with rangers during best ranger competition  to help with rehydration.  The applicability in WCAP with athletes competing and performing at an equally high level is obvious.

Trisha Brooke Stavinoha, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS MAJ, SP Chief, Performance Nutrition Services Evans Army Community Hospital


Testimonial from 2d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (2nd LAR BN) Senior Enlisted Leader/ Former Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command School Instructor with US Navy

In my vast 20 years of experience working in the medical field in the military.  I have experienced many cases of heat injuries, dehydration and VGE in arduous environments.  I can remember telling Marines and Sailors to put salt into their canteens to help prevent and to treat early stages of dehydration back in the day as a young Corpsman.  The first measure back then was to automatically give someone an IV.

I didn’t find out about Cera Products until the year of 2003.  After doing research I found out that it had been around for years before that.  Here at 2d LAR Bn, we have found CeraLyte 70 to be very effective while deployed here in Afghanistan.  It has proven to be a great preventive dehydration measure while conducting 6 to 10 klick dismounted patrols in the extreme heat up to three times a day, this product has proved to be an awesome tool to for us to have and use.   It also maintains performance throughout long patrols and missions.   In cases of diarrhea we have used CeraLyte, which in every time we have used it the diarrhea has been resolved.  Our philosophy is the best defense against injuries is prevention and maintenance. We issue each Marine two packets before each of our long dismounted patrols and missions.  During this deployment we have had over 300 dismounted patrols with temperatures over 100 degrees; we have had no heat injuries when using CeraLyte.   During my four years at MARSOC I have found the same results from CeraLyte.   While stationed at MARSOC I was responsible for approximately 300 students each year.   Before each training evolution we issued each student a packet of CeraLyte.  During this timeframe, none of the students at MARSOC resulted in a heat injury.

The cost of the CeraLyte is more than WHO/Unicef ORS, but by the time you use numerous packets of the WHO/Unicef ORS compared to the one packet of CeraLyte you have already spent the same amount if not more.   Also the proven facts that we have seen is that it maintains hydration, improves performance, sustains energy and maintains electrolyte balance.

This product is one of the best procurements that the Marine Corps and Navy has made. 2d LAR BN has shown that this product is a must have for mission success and has made treating dehydration and diarrhea cases less time consuming for its medical staff during our current deployment. Proven from Afghanistan. 


Testimonial from Mountain Warfare Instructor w US Army/ former USAF Pararescueman

In the world of hydration supplements there are many well-known products such as Gatorade and Cytomax. Each product uses the same marketing to explain to you how important electrolyte replacement is and how their product does just this. The problem is that the reality of these formulas does not fit the claims. These supplements are chock full of sugar, not enough potassium and their sodium content varies significantly. We have known this for decades and during my entire career we have always been told to mix these products at half strength to prevent negative reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea. Why couldn’t someone just make the right formula to begin with? Well, someone did, you probably just haven’t heard about them.

Cera Products came to be in 1993 as a result of the founder’s world travels in less than hospitable places around the globe. They saw the effects of diseases like Cholera and others and how dehydration had a nasty tendency to kill people. After years of research in this area they came up with a supplement that was better than the World Health Organization’s Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) which was at the time the primary supplement used to combat such problems.

The New Supplement was called CeraLyte and was tested on thousands of test subjects in a military study spanning many years. I was one of the participants in this study and can vouch for its accuracy. In fact, it was this study that completely changed the way we special operations medics approached fluid therapy in both trauma and medical patients. The learning curve was quite steep! One of the things we saw over and over again was how the Cera Products carbohydrate profile was superior to all others. The W.H.O. ORS uses a carbohydrate molecule from wheat. This is superior to the maltodextrin molecules which are in fact corn sugar. All popular sports drinks use simple sugars as their carbohydrate. But Cera uses a rice molecule which is absorbed into the blood stream much faster than the Wheat based molecules without a debilitating insulin spike. Ultimately the CeraLyte product proved to be far and away the best product on the market for those requiring rehydration from severe and life threatening dehydration as seen in excessive vomiting, diarrhea and other situations where excessive dehydration occurs.

Following this success Cera turned it’s attention to the prevention side of the house. If you don’t get overly dehydrated then you do not become a patient. So they launched CeraSport that is tailored to the athletic community. Like CeraLyte they thought it through very carefully. CeraSport delivers rice based carbohydrates, sodium and potassium in the most bioavailable formula on the market. But never one to sit around they have recently improved the formula once again by addressing the critical osmolarity issue. One of the key problems with products like Gatorade is the fact that they have an osmolarity of 365 or more. The blood has an osmolarity of 300 and as such, sports drinks are what is called Hypertonic. This means that as the body tries to balance the solution of all the fluid regions of the body, a hypertonic solution actually pulls water into the stomach to dilute the sports drink. The result is often vomiting and diarrhea! Not exactly helpful and this is why we always dilute sports drinks.

Cera approached the issue strictly from the medical science perspective rather than how well they can market and sell a sugar drink. The result is a product that has an osmolarity of 115-150 depending on the product. This makes it Hypotonic and thus the electrolytes move directly into the blood stream and into the cells as required. The carbohydrates are composed of short, medium, long and very long chain carbohydrates from rice and offer both an immediate and prolonged source of carbohydrate absorption. This makes it gentle on the GI tract and does not result in massive insulin release. As such, performance is better maintained throughout the event.

There is no better hydration product on the market. We have tested this in the worst possible sweat loss activities in the military and we know it works. If you are in a situation where you are sweating a lot and have to keep going, you need Cera. Military, firefighters, endurance athletes and more can benefit from this simple, proven and medically sound product line.

Key Proven Benefits:

Maintains body hydration; helps prevent dehydration; improves performanceProvides calories; sustains energy; prevents acidosisPrevents electrolyte imbalance abnormalitiesPrevents cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and similar problems associated with many sports drinksPrevents temperature elevationProvides caloriesImproves performance100% Gluten free


Testimonial from former Battalion Commander, 1st Battalion, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment (US Army Airborne School) and Deputy Commander, Ranger Training Brigade.

I commanded the US Army Airborne School Battalion for two years which included portions of three Georgia summers.  The training environment at Fort Benning, Georgia provides for long, hot, and humid training days.  The schedule is quite full without much room to slow down or reduce the tasks to be trained and mastered.  The fact of the matter is that Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coastguardsmen attending the course are subjected to the cumulative effects of heat from the moment they arrive.  Students come to the course from all over the world and do not have the opportunity to acclimate.  This is compounded by the addition of ROTC and USMA cadets who also attend during their summer break from school.  The environment is rife for heat injuries and, over time, there have been numerous severe injuries and even deaths. 

I learned about Cerasport when I was the Brigade Deputy Commander at the Ranger Training Brigade.  I was impressed by the relative low number of incidents related to heat that the Ranger students had in some of the most physically difficult training the US Army has.  Hydration has always been important to the Ranger, but there has also been caution with electrolyte balanced against volume of water intake.  Cerasport allows a greater degree of hydration over time which facilitates greater exertion over time.

As I prepared to take Battalion Command, I found that Cerasport was available and in use at the Airborne School.  One of the first things that I did after taking command in late June was to review all of our procedures for mitigating the cumulative effects of heat experienced by the 1,500 students that we had at any given time.  We could attempt to limit exposure to the sun to some extent.  We also could ensure that the student barracks had air conditioning working and that meals were appropriate.  All students were made aware of the effects of heat and the symptoms of heat injury – and all had assigned buddies that they monitored as well as taking care of themselves.  All of these things will not prevent heat injury when you begin the day at 0600 doing physical training and then continue to train until 1800 or so every day.  You absolutely must hydrate to the highest level possible – along with keeping electrolytes at the right levels.  We instituted procedures where students were monitored using Cerasport to ensure that it was being used throughout the day – and it worked.  In two years of command, we did not have a single heat injury that was categorized as such.  We were sensitive to the symptoms and took action whenever an individual started having any difficulties and we took action several times, but none were ever diagnosed with lasting effects of heat injury. 

I commanded the Battalion for 24 months and saw nearly 40,000 students pass through.  Cerasport works well.  I’m currently in Iraq and doing plenty of physical exercise in the desert heat.  I use Cerasport.


"I smiled, happy that I'd had a few weeks of awesome training in the St George area, happy that I had Cerasport packed on my bike ready to get a jump start on the whole hydration thing right out of the water, happy that I had a solid plan for eating and drinking that had worked for me so many times in the past and above all just thrilled that I was standing there feeling lean and fit and just ready to rock this thing."

Miranda Alldritt, Triathlete,Talking about the IronMan St. George 2011


"Last month I did receive the sample of CeraSport. My son is a freshman in high school and just happened to start Spring training on the day that I received the sample. He was having severe cramps and I suggested that he try CeraSport. He loved it because it made the cramps go away."

Marvin H