Cerasport and Ceralyte replace the need for IV in flu

January 19, 2018

Cerasport and Ceralyte replace the need for IV in flu

Dehydration is a dangerous side effect of the flu and flu season is here nationwide.  Hydration is critical in influenza yet intravenous fluids (IVs) are in short supply. CeraSport and CeraLyte oral rehydration drinks (called ORS) are available and can be used in many cases instead of IV. 


CeraSport drinks provide fast, effective hydration, and can reduce symptoms of upper respiratory distress.   Scientifically-developed, CeraSport gluten- free hydration drink contains an optimal ratio of carbohydrates and electrolytes, and comes in a 21 gram “stick pack” or ready to drink.  “Keep CeraSport drinks on hand for quick hydration in case of flu,” says Charlene Riikonen, CEO, Cera Products.  She says many hospitals and clinics already have these available for their patients, and the company can ship any of these products by overnight delivery to most places in the country.  

 All Cera’s hydration products feature a patented long-chain carbohydrate formula that speeds absorption of valuable electrolytes and salts to match the body’s natural composition and provide fast yet sustained hydration.  Sugar-based hydration drinks, water and colas and teas do not have the same effect.

 For gastrointestinal illness, commonly known as “stomach flu,” Cera Products offers CeraLyte, which reduces the duration of diarrhea as it hydrates.  CeraLyte is used at major medical centers nationally, is in US Air Force medical kits, and is widely used by US military to prevent and correct dehydration.


HISTORY:    Established in 1993, Cera Products, Inc. developed its high performance rehydration products along with world health experts and major university medical centers. Its products have undergone rigorous clinical testing by renowned researchers and the US military.  See www.ceraproductsinc.com for more information.


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