Cera Products sends CeraLyte® Oral Rehydration to Nepal for Disaster Relief

May 29, 2015

Hilton Head Island, S.C. –   Cera Products, Inc., thanks to its partnerships with Child Health Foundation of Columbia, MD, and Direct Relief International of Santa Barbara, CA, is sending one ton (8,000 liters) of CeraLyte ORS  to Nepal for disaster relief efforts in areas where earthquakes recently struck and devastated many areas, including Kathmandu and remote mountainous areas.   Child Health Foundation donated $8840,or half of the cost of the product, and Direct Relief will ship the CeraLyte to Nepal.

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake) killed more than 8,500 people and injured more than 21,000. It occurred at 11:56 NST on 25 April, with a magnitude of 7.8Mw or 8.1Ms and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of IX (Intense). Its epicenter was located towards the east of the district of Lamjung, and its hypocenter was at a depth of approximately 15 km (9.3 mi). It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake.  The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, killing at least 19, including Americans and other nationalities, making it the deadliest day on the mountain in history. It triggered another huge avalanche in the Tangtang valley, where 250 people were reported missing.

Hundreds of thousands of people became homeless with entire villages flattened, across many districts of the country. Centuries-old buildings were destroyed at UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley, including some at the Kathmandu Durbar Square, the Patan Durbar Squar, the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the Changu Narayan Temple and the Swayambhunath Stupa.

About Cera Products, Inc:  the manufacturer of CeraLyte has donated 8,000 liters of CeraLyte ORS. Which restores essential life-giving electrolytes and fluids lost during ravaging dehydration faced by many people in Nepal.  See www.ceraproductsinc.com

“Having spent the better part of the nine months in Haiti, I've seen how essential and valuable these oral rehydration products can be,” said Andrew MacCalla, Direct Relief’s Haiti Program Operations Specialist, “especially for people living under tents and tarps and who are malnourished and plagued with illness. Rehydration products combine the best elements for a situation like this—they are easy to administer and can quickly replenish someone who is severely dehydrated.” See http://www.directrelief.org

About Child Health Foundation:  a 501(c)3 public charity, dedicated to saving and improving the greatest number of children's lives. Established in 1985, Child Health Foundation's foremost activity is supporting sustainable projects globally, such as clean water, good nutrition, oral rehydration therapy, and breastfeeding, with oversight by scientific experts. See http://childhealthfoundation.org


Cera Products, Inc.

Cera Products’ scientifically developed gluten-free rice-based oral rehydration products include CeraSport® a high performance hydration drink series for sweat replacement (for athletes, and for military, police, and general hydration) and CeraLyte®, a medical rehydration product for preventing and correcting dehydration from diarrhea, for travel or for infectious or chronic diseases which cause diarrhea.  CeraLyte is also useful for individuals whose medications may cause diarrhea, or for post-antibiotic diarrhea. 

All Cera’s products are tested gluten-free blends of its patented rice syrup solids, essential electrolytes and flavors, with no added sugars or fruit juices to provide quick yet sustained hydration without cramping or nausea.  Diabetics may find Cera’s products helpful, too, but still need to count calories.

CeraLyte and CeraSport are registered with all major wholesale distributors (AmeriSourceBergen, Cardinal Health, DMS Pharmaceuticals, McKesson Drugs, Owens and Minor, and US Food Service), and on government contracts with the GSA/VA and Defense Department (DAPA and NAPA programs), with assigned National Stock Numbers ( NSNs) and meet the World Health Organization standards for oral rehydration products.  Call 410-309-1000 or  see www.ceraproductsinc.com  for more information. 


Tax-deductible gifts to provide CeraLyte to Direct Relief can be made by visiting http://www.DirectRelief.org.

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