The Colorado flooding was an unprecedented event.....

February 26, 2015

"The Colorado flooding was an unprecedented event, where more than 10 inches of rain fell in less than 72 hours. This flooded the rivers over capacity and caused widespread flooding. There were at least 8 deaths, 2000 houses destroyed and over 10000 houses affected by the flood. Some mountain towns were completely shut off. It affected over 2000 square miles of land. The current problems include finding shelters and housing for these people, cleaning out of basements and dealing with most people not having flood insurance and of course the emotions that go with this all. The supplies we have received have gone directly to those affected and in shelters or in the clean-up process. I will share one quick story of a mother who lost everything and was handed a donated pillow pet and this made her cry for what that meant at that moment. We are supplying one shelter, one red cross location and 2 non-profit front line organizations across 2 counties with these wonderful donations. Thanks everyone for helping us be the front line in helping in this crisis."
Greg Hageman, Pharmacy Director at the Loveland location for Sunrise Monfort Family Clinic

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