CeraLyte Lifesaving Oral Rehydration (ORS) Donated for Myanmar Victims

August 04, 2014

CeraLyte Lifesaving Oral Rehydration (ORS) Donated for Myanmar Victims


COLUMBIA, Md., May 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Cera Products, Inc.,which manufactures advanced hydration products, has committed 13 pallets(12,480 liters, valued at over $66,500) of ready to drink CeraLyte ORS, theCompany's life-saving electrolyte drink to Direct Relief International fordisaster victims in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

World officials are concerned about outbreaks of "waterborne infections,diarrhea diseases, malaria and, possibly cholera, which rapidly depletespeople of fluids and can cause death in hours. Oral hydration can avert thedehydration that causes the death. CeraLyte will be received by DirectRelief International when it is able to arrange for shipments into Myanmar.

Cera Products, a woman-owned and operated company was established inMaryland in 1993. It provides Oral Rehydration Therapy to the US governmentand others to prevent hospitalizations and serious complications fromdehydration.

During the Tsunami disaster and Hurricane Katrina, Cera Products donatedthousands of liters to Direct Relief International and Child Health Foundationto help in those disaster-stricken areas to help avert hospitalizations anddeaths. Donations to support supplying oral hydration are urgently needed.

DONATE: Tax-deductible gifts can be made at www.directrelief.org or theChild Health Foundation Web site at www.childhealthfoundation.org (Earmark itunder Tribute or Occasion: for Myanmar Disaster Relief CeraLyte ORS.) CeraProducts also will provide charitable discounts to individuals who wish topurchase CeraLyte for shipment to Direct Relief International.

Diarrheal diseases can be fatal due to rapid depletion of body fluids andelectrolytes. A healthy adult can die from cholera in as little as eighthours; a weakened child can die in two hours. Just one liter of CeraLyte cansave a life! CeraLyte restores essential electrolytes and fluid losses as ithydrates, proven highly effective for high output diarrhea such as cholera.

Cera Products, established in 1993, scientifically developed its highperformance medical and sports products along with world health experts whohave worked along with Ms. Riikonen, at the International Centre for DiarrhealDisease, Bangladesh, which won the Bill Gates Award for global health and (seewww.icddrb.org or ICDDRB on YOU TUBE ) Direct Relief International(directrelief.org) gets donations of medical supplies and raises funds toprovide support and rebuilding to relief areas around the world. Child HealthFoundation (http://childhealthfoundation.org) has programs that provideinnovative ways to save lives and improve health.

SOURCE Cera Products, Inc.

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