CeraLyte Ready-to-Drink for Hospital Use Fast and Easy for Dehydration, Diarrhea, C-Diff and Food Borne Illness

July 30, 2014

CeraLyte Ready-to-Drink for Hospital Use Fast and Easy for Dehydration, Diarrhea, C-Diff and Food Borne Illness

Cera's newest high-performance rice-based oral rehydration product

HILTON HEAD, S.C., June 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cera Products is proud to announce its new CeraLyte-70 Citrus Ready to Drink in a 500 ml environmentally green container with a re-closeable top and a long shelf-life. No mixing is needed, saving health care staff time when fast patient hydration is needed.

CeraLyte-70 Ready to Drink provides all the benefits of the powder, ready-to-mix CeraLyte-70, which is used by millions around the world. CeraLyte oral rehydration solution (ORS) is unique because it is rice-based instead of sugar or glucose-based. Its dual action replaces and reduces fluid losses by up to 50 percent. Cera's patented rice process provides mixed chain carbohydrates that quickly deliver salts and water that are a close match to what the body has lost, instead of a quick, short-chain delivery or insulin spike that comes from sugar-based products.

CeraLyte-70 is excellent for medical conditions that are accompanied by or at risk for diarrhea and dehydration, including Crohn's and colitis, short-gut syndrome, HIV/AIDS, cancer, post-antibiotic diarrhea, c-difficile, norovirus and food-borne illnesses, such as e-coli and campylobacter.

Rehydration by mouth, instead of IV line hydration is the optimal approach, not only saving the discomfort of line infection, which contributes to increased patient satisfaction, but completely eliminating the risks of line infection and generally preventing many care complications.

CeraLyte® Benefits include:

  • Prevents and corrects dehydration without IV
  • Replaces and reduces fluid losses quickly
  • Enhanced absorption due to low osmolarity
  • Safe and effective for any type of diarrhea in children or adults, including the elderly
  • Low glycemic index to avoid insulin spiking

CeraLyte Products is a women-owned and operated small business with a V.A. pharmaceutical contract (#V797p-5205B). Its products are also available through most wholesale distributors. For more information, visit www.ceraproductsinc.com or call Cera Products at 843-842-2600.

Based in Hilton HeadSouth Carolina, Cera Products has completed extensive R&D. Its pioneering rice-based oral electrolyte blends are to correct dehydration, restoring fluid volume and cell balance for various medical conditions. CeraLyte is widely used by the U.S. military, primarily in medical kits and in field hospitals.

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