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For medical use, such as rehydration for diarrhea, conditions such as Crohn’s colitis and short-gut syndrome, and volume depletion such as may happen in other conditions where patients gets dehydrated.  Ceralyte reduces fluid losses, shortens length of acute diarrheal illness, and enhances the absorption of orally-delivered therapeutic agents and vitamins.  Rice based and gluten-free. View the Products


For endurance events and training regimens where carbohydrate consumption before, during and after activity is essential in order to help maintain blood sugar and prevent fatigue. For example, long distance running, triathlons, long distance cycling, backpacking, adventure races or other physical activities lasting over 60 minutes.  Prevents dehydration and improves performance, without the cramping and nausea of many sugar-based sports drinks.  Cerasport enters the bloodstream quickly providing fluid and electrolyte replacement, and sustains energy through a patented time-release, long-chain formula.  Rice based and gluten-free. View the Products

Cerasport EX1

Best used for shorter events or bouts of physical activity in hot and humid environments.  In these conditions sweat rate increases and a stronger electrolyte replacement is needed.  For example, short and middle distance track and field events, weight lifting, martial arts, police or fire training, golf, tennis and other activities. View the Products