Mixing Instructions - Cerasport

Cerasport Powder Packets:
Cerasport is a sweat replacement drink that contains 40 grams of complex carbohydrates per liter of solution, 20 mEq/L sodium, 4 mEq/L potassium, chloride citrate. The 20 gram packets that mix into 16 ounces or about a half-liter of water. They come in three flavors cherry berry, fruit punch and citrus. Some high performance athletes mix two packets into 30 ounces of water for improved endurance during training and competition. Cerasport can be used before, during and after physical activity. 
Cerasport Berry flavor is also available in a large pouch to make 2.5 gallons or it can be measured and mixed into individual water bottles. Once opened the large pouch can be stored in a “zip lock” bag and refrigerated for up to one month.
Cerasport Concentrate:
This is available in a Tetra drink box and is to be mixed 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water. Each box can make 2.5 gallons or can be mixed into individual water bottles, refrigerated and used as needed. 

 Cerasport concentrate is also available in a 4.5 lb bag that mixes into 5 gallons of water/ice in a typical 5 gallon cooler. This must be opened and either put into smaller containers and refrigerated or used at one time. 

Cerasport concentrate can be frozen in ice cube trays, either from the concentrate or when mixed to drink (1 to 10 ratio). If frozen in ice cube trays, cover the tray, then once frozen, put into plastic “zip lock” bags or other storage container to prevent water being drawn out of the ice and changing the Cerasport properties. If frozen as concentrate, 1 ice cube tray generally equals 1 oz, so mix 10 oz water to 1 ice cube, or 20 oz to 2 ice cubes of concentrate. Also put in zip lock or other sealed container once frozen. Use within 6 months. 
Cerasport Ready to Drink:
Currently available in a Tetra drink box in mild lemon flavor, with pull tab that cannot be re-sealed, but can be refrigerated after opening. 
Cerasport EX1:
Three new flavors: Lime, Orange and Pomegranate-Açai-Berry, have more salts but less carbohydrate than standard Cerasport. Sodium is 35 mEq/L versus 20 mEq/L. Potassium in EX1 is 10 mEq/L rather than 4 mEq/L. Some people may want the extra sustained energy from Cerasport while others may want the extra salts, which are usually for those who are in high heat or high stress conditions.