Cera Products Aid to the Philippines through Direct Relief International

Cera Products is very proud to have been a part of providing aid to the Philippines through Direct Relief International after Typhoon Yolanda:

Medical Mission on Bantayan Island with Ceralyte

Loading Cerasport out of Direct Relief Warehouse for Delivery

State of the Hospital Services Post Yolanda


Medical Mission with over 5,000 people

"On behalf of the people of the Philippines who were affected by Typhoon Yolanda, I would like to thank the people at Cera who were involved in the donation to Direct Relief. Having spent much of the last five months working in the affected area, I know firsthand how valuable these items are to the patients who were suffering so greatly and did not have the resources to purchase these essential rehydration supplies. With the help of partners like you, we had these life-saving materials on the ground within 96 hours of the typhoon and we have no doubt that your contribution saved lives. Thank you."  - Andrew MacCalla, Director of Emergency Response