• Why Rice?

    To stop dehydration, you need a carb source for energy and to carry sodium and fluid into your bloodstream.

    Simple sugar products can upset your stomach, make you bloated, and even give you diarrhea. 

  • I truly believe the 150 miles I completed between without crashing in any way is in large part due to your product. I am a believer.

    - Buddy DuToit, Distance Runner

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  • I am a walking advertisement for Ceralyte. Just about every single patient we see and that our clients see could use Ceralyte.

    - Rhonda McNair,Reubin T. Morris Gulfport Wellness Foundation

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  • I commanded the Battalion for 24 months and saw nearly 40,000 students pass through.  Cerasport works well. I’m currently in Iraq and doing plenty of physical exercise in the desert heat.  I use Cerasport.

    - Col. Jon Ring, 1-507th PIR Battalion Commander

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