Testimonial from archers Tracey Sadler and Stacey Phetteplace

July 13, 2016

Good morning:

Stacey and I attended the Mathews Archery Shooter's Association (ASA) Pro Am in Metropolis, IL last weekend. Due to humidity, heat indexes exceeded 110 degrees on one day and 100 on another day. Thankfully a rain storm moved in and cooled everything off. And even more thankfully, we had CeraSport to keep us in the game!

A lot of people sure appreciated us giving them samples of Cera Sport EX. There were almost 2000 registered shooters plus their families at this event. Most are hesitant to try anything because they don't want it to affect their shooting. Some tried it and commented they didn't feel any different until at the end of the day they realized they were not fatigued from the heat and didn't have headaches from dehydration. I gave away every packet I brought to the event and wished I brought more because so many people were "falling out". Most wanted information about where and how to buy some.

Thank you again for all of your support and for such a great product!

Tracey Sadler
Stacey Phetteplace


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