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Stay well this Thanksgiving

November 27, 2019

Stay well this Thanksgiving

It is that time of year again! We are traveling, visiting family, eating at other people’s homes, and surrounded by loving, caring, sneezing, coughing family members. Yes, it is Thanksgiving season, flu season, and food borne illness season. Yeah! Flu or influenza and food borne illness are characterized by fever, runny nose, chest congestion, headache, vomiting and diarrhea.  Cera can help you get through this!

When we have a fever, our body temperature rises. Fluids help regulate body temperature. If we are dehydrated, it is easier to get a fever. Drinking 16-32 oz Cerasport or Cerasport EX1 can help hydrate and cool your body and break the fever. If you have chills and normally turn to soup, try our chicken broth Ceralyte 70 flavor. Reconstitute with warm water and enjoy.

When we have a runny nose and sneeze constantly, we are losing fluids and electrolytes. Snot is salty. I am not going to quantify how much fluid you lose per blow, but you can probably prevent dehydration (and fever) by increasing your fluid intake with 16-32 oz of Cerasport or EX1 in addition to your water.

Did you know that diarrhea has twice the amount of sodium than sweat?! This is why we dehydrate so quickly when the runs strike. Diarrhea from the flu or bad food can wreck a vacation. Drink 16-32 oz of Ceralyte 50 for a light case and Ceralyte 70 for a more severe case. Keep drinking Ceralyte until your poop is back to your normal. We all have a personal normal, right?!

Headache is a symptom of dehydration. Dehydration could come from the aforementioned, traveling on an airplane, or from too much alcohol. Tis the season! If you drink more than normal, consume 16-32 oz Cerasport EX1 later that day or the next morning to prevent or treat your headache.

Vomiting and diarrhea are more common in children with the flu. Ceralyte 50 and 70 are both appropriate for kids. Start with 8-16 oz of Ceralyte 50, which comes in a yummy berry flavor. They may also like the chicken broth Ceralyte 70. If they want something sweeter, use the Cerasport EX1 and mix 1 stick in 12 oz instead of 16 oz to make it more concentrated. For just a fever without diarrhea, use the Cerasport. Unlike most products targeted to sick children, all of Cera products have zero fructose and zero added sugar. 

Finally, when we travel and our schedule is turned upside-down, our normal habits go by the wayside. Normal habits like exercise and fluid intake. Travel with a water bottle and don’t forget to wash your water bottle. Track how much water you are consuming and aim for at least 2-3 liters a day to prevent getting sick. Carry hand sanitizer with you and always travel with your Cera!

Thank you for being loyal customers. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Cera Products.

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