News from Direct Relief regarding Haiti relief efforts.

January 03, 2017

News from Direct Relief regarding Haiti relief efforts.

Direct Relief is pleased to inform you that 82 tons of medical aid has been airlifted to Haiti to help care for people affected by Hurricane Matthew – a storm that incapacitated the country's already overstretched healthcare system when it struck in October. Direct Relief has responded to requests for assistance from Haiti since the storm made landfall, including a 17-ton consignment in October that FedEx delivered free-of-charge, but a critical and ongoing need for aid persists.

Direct Relief's operations staff worked through the holidays to prepare 258 pallets of essential medications and supplies, with a wholesale value of nearly $40 million, for the airlift which arrived in Port-au-Prince yesterday – December 28. Photos of shipment can be found here.

While the Haiti crisis has faded from the headlines, the situation remains urgent. More than 1.4 million people still require assistance. Conor Shapiro, President and CEO of Direct Relief-partner St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, shared that "the situation after Hurricane Matthew is dire, and the risks of disease and famine are dangerously high. Direct Relief's donated medical supplies are helping ensure that the people of Southern Haiti have access to much-needed healthcare in the wake of the storm."

The medical products included on the airlift were requested by 37 Haitian organizations, including St. Boniface. These partner organizations, which are located throughout the country, represent more than 200 healthcare facilities that are often unable to access or afford the essential medications and supplies they need to meet the demands of their patient populations.

Among the airlift's contents are antibiotics, enough water sachets to purify 1.5 million gallons of water, respiratory supplies, medications to treat chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, and 16 specially-designed cholera modules that include infusion therapy supplies to help rehydrate patients. Each module is sufficient to treat 40 people with severe cases of cholera and 60 with moderate cases.

Direct Relief will continue to partner with healthcare facilities throughout Haiti to ensure that needed medical aid is available.

Thank you for being a part of Direct Relief, and for helping people live healthier lives.

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