CeraLyte FAQ Part III

August 31, 2016


What is the minimum age for use of CeraLyte?


CeraLyte can be used for any age, including infants. Young children, the elderly and those with chronic conditions are most at risk. Dehydration can occur quickly in young children and should be monitored closely. Start giving CeraLyte right away by giving the child small sips of CeraLyte and follow-up with the pediatrician if the diarrhea persists, especially in children under 3 months of age.

It is usually easier for the child to begin by sipping and then continue taking small quantities (such as a sip from a spoon) more frequently than larger quantities all at once. This will help avert vomiting the solution.


How much CeraLyte should be given to a child? Is pediatric dosing based on age and/or weight? How long can pediatric dosing be continued?


Give CeraLyte with the goal of replacing lost fluids. A quick rule of thumb is to give young children 2 to 4 oz. after every loose stool. Greater amounts may be needed if large amounts of fluid are lost with the diarrhea or if vomiting is involved. A general rule is to continue taking CeraLyte until the urine is a pale yellow with good flow every two-four hours.

If the child is vomiting it may be better to initially give CeraLyte in small quantities (tablespoonful’s or sipping) and increasing the amounts when possible. The idea is "if you lose a cup, drink a cup."

Oral fluids should not be withheld from anyone who is thirsty (unless medically necessary) since this is a typical sign that the patient is not adequately hydrated. Patients who are severely dehydrated may not be able to drink or they may drink poorly.  Encourage continued eating of regular food and water. Eating helps speed recovery.  Small amounts may be more easily tolerated. For infants, breastfeed or give formula, as usual.

The duration of CeraLyte use depends upon the type of illness. Some patients (including pediatric patients) suffering from chronic ailments, and under the supervision of their physician, will rely on CeraLyte throughout their lives.

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