Ceralyte FAQ Part II

August 13, 2016


How long can you keep an opened packet of CeraLyte? How long can you safely keep an opened liquid of ready-to-drink CeraLyte?


Packet: The ingredients in an opened packet of CeraLyte (but not yet mixed with water) are chemically stable. The remaining powder can be stored up to a week in the refrigerator if the packet is folded over and then stored in a sealed plastic bag. Opened packets should not be used beyond a day if they are left in an unsealed container at room temperature.

Ready-to-drink: CeraLyte ready to drink is packaged in easy to use single use containers. Opened containers should be consumed within several hours of opening. This will ensure product quality and minimize the chance for potential microbial contamination after opening the containers, much in the same way as milk or milk products are treated.


When do you use the CeraLyte-50 versus the CeraLyte-70?


Your physician or pharmacist can assist in deciding whether CeraLyte-50 or 70 is more appropriate for you. However, in general, CeraLyte-50 is appropriate to prevent or treat mild dehydration when diarrhea or vomiting is mild to moderate in nature. CeraLyte-70 contains a higher level of sodium and is appropriate for moderate to significant dehydration and can be given where more significant levels of electrolytes have been lost. Medical treatment should be sought right away if any of the following warning signs are present:

  • Severe diarrhea, possibly including vomiting
  • Dehydration symptoms, including
  • Sunken eyes or, for infants, sunken fontanel ("soft spot" at the top of the head)
  • Excessive thirst or dry mouth
  • Decreased urine or no urine
  • Very ill appearance, listless or fainting
  • High temperature (over 103°F)
  • Blood in the stool; severe abdominal cramp

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