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October 04, 2015

"As far as racing goes, I guess that I can say I am in my off season.  I am still training 5-6 days a week.  Yesterday I did an experiment.  I decided to do my brick workout (3.1 mi run & 50 min spin class) using only water.  I am here to tell you the the Cera Sport makes a world of a difference.  Halfway through my spin class my energy level dropped off a ton.  I was holding the same heart rate as I normally do while using the Cera Sport but my RPM's dropped at least 25%.  I really had to put a lot more effort into my work out.  While using Cera Sport normally I can do a brick work out and still have energy to do more.  Yesterday, after my spin class I can officially say I was done/exhausted.  
That being said, I would love to try some of your new EX1.  Your timing couldn't be better, because I am just about out of Cera Sport."
Mr. SP


"I'm a women's Cat 4 road racer with a huge cramping problem. In fact, I've had to give up several potentially good finishes because my calves seized up toward the end of the race.


This May, I decided to drink a box of CeraSport before one of my most important events - Bike Jam in Baltimore. Not only did I not cramp, but I finished 4th! The only difference between how I felt this time and previously was the CeraSport. I normally only drank it after an event to re-hydrate, but using it before really made a difference. Thanks for a great product! "
Susan Olson, Team BBC


"Our team members are huge fans of Cerasport (in fact it saved a few of us from serious dehydration after a particularly grueling race last year) and we would love to have Cerasport at our event!"
Team BBC


"Last month I did receive the sample  of CeraSport. My son is a freshman in high school and just happened to start Spring training on the day that I received the sample. He was having severe cramps and I suggested that he try CeraSport. He loved it because it made the cramps go away."
Marvin H

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