Testimonial from long distance swimmer

September 29, 2015

"I competed in the Annual Swim for Alligator Lighthouse September 19, 2015. The Swim for Alligator Lighthouse is an annual 9 mile open water swim that takes place in Islamorada, the Florida Keys. The purpose of the swim is to bring awareness to treasured Historic Lighthouses on Florida’s Coastal Waterways. The proceeds from the swim benefit the Friends of the Pool in Islamorada and provide scholarships to high school students. The swim is in warm water with temperatures reaching 85 degrees. For my swim, I began hydrating the day before and then consumed 5 servings of Cerasport and 3 servings of EX1 during the race. There were only 31 individual finishers along with over 10 2-person relays and over 20 4-person relays. I finished 12 overall and 2nd in the over 60 age group. Results can be found at http://www.pigmantri.com/jmsracing/results15/alligator15.html.

It is also important to hydrate well during training. I’ve logged nearly 400 miles of swim training this year. I believe any training session of an hour or more requires hydration and I prefer CeraSport. Thanks CeraSport!"

Thanks Gene!

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