Some wonderful CeraLyte testimonials from the archives.

September 22, 2015

"I heard about ORS, oral rehydration packets, on the (everest) Base Camp MD website.  I am going to climb Manaslu (one of the 8000m peaks) in Nepal this autumn and thought these would be a great addition to the med kit.  Better than trying to get Gatorade down. Thanks."

"Yes, I received the order and I am very satisfied with the service. On the special instructions portion of my order I was unclear on my request and I received a phone call to verify the order was filled with the products I wanted. The lady calling me was friendly and professional; that is great customer service!  My gastroenterologist suggested I keep CeraLyte and use it as needed. I tend to dehydrate quickly and often.  Most other products contain ingredients I am allergic to and CeraLyte 70 has saved me from several trips to the emergency room! My husband is a runner and we thought we would try the Cera Sport as well! Thank you for your service!"
Sue W

"I was referred to your site by my friends with Crohns disease.  CD patients have hydration concerns.  It was easy to order from your site and my order arrived quickly and safe.  You have followed up so quickly, I haven even had a chance to try the product but I really like this customer service. Well done."
Tricia L

"Thank you very much .I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been unable to work since December 1999 and I am now on social security disability. CeraLyte has helped with dizziness and I am able to get around better. Much appreciated."
YB in MD

"After colon surgery, I had to go on disability and was hooked up to an IV line and pump because I was dehydrated every day. My former supervisor at a hospital in Toronto told me about CeraLyte and after trying the CeraLyte-90, I was able to STOP the IV treatments! I am telling others like myself about this. I hope I can be a valid asset to CeraLyte and the people who need this product."
DF in Canada

"Thank you for providing this product. It did indeed save Becky's field study experience abroad."
JS in VT

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