More great results from CeraSport sponsored Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Men's Elite Cycling Team!

September 19, 2015 1 Comment

More great results from CeraSport sponsored Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Men's Elite Cycling Team!

Greetings - we closed out our 2015 campaign with two more solid top-20 placings in a wet and wild weekend of racing in Pennsylvania with the Reading 120 road race and the Doylestown criterium.

The Reading 120 was a 120mi (hence the name!) road race, and was a UCI and NRC race, making it just a notch below the Tour of California or the Tour of Utah. Dakota Schaeffer lives on the race course outside Reading, PA and, besides getting us all of the local knowledge of the terrain and roads, earned a lot of love for the team in the local press (another pic from their race day coverage attached).

The race covered a hilly 70mi loop through the PA countryside before finishing with 5x 10mi loops through downtown Reading and up Mt. Penn, an intimidating, 10 minute climb. Cloudy skies at the start soon gave way to drizzle, which became an outright downpour by the time the field reached the finishing circuits.

Between the weather, the climb, and aggressive racing, the field splintered and shrunk each time up Mt. Penn, with Bryan Lewis coming home our eventual top finisher in a very respectful 16th place. Chris Jones was also counted among the less than 50 finishers on the day (a 75% attrition rate from the start) - after 6th and 11th places overall at Killington and Green Mtn, respectively, we're looking for Chris to continue to grow as a climbing and GC threat next year.

Sunday's crit in Doylestown was a 62mi race and was more well attended by professional teams than in the past several years, making for a very fast race. After over 2hrs of racing, Bryan again emerged as our top finisher in 12th place, showing that he finished the season with super fitness and motivation.

I'll follow up with a season summary email next week, but I just wanted to say thank you - your help and support has made a very tangible contribution to the success we've achieved this year!

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November 10, 2015

I made the mistake dinurg the Las Vegas Marathon of experimenting with something new. It was a few years ago when energy bars first made their appearance. They were giving them away for free at the vendor expo. I though great, this will really help me dinurg the marathon. So I ate three of them, two before bed and one before the start. During the marathon I had to stop a number of times for restroom breaks. I felt sluggish the whole marathon. I wasn’t my normal self. My energy level way low. I blame this all on the energy bars. If you experiment with something new do it months before the big race, not hours before.

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