Exciting updates from CeraSport sponsored cycling team Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Men's Elite Cycling Team:

September 09, 2015

Exciting updates from CeraSport sponsored cycling team Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Men's Elite Cycling Team:

I'm extremely proud to bring you news of our team's biggest victory in years, as Bryan Lewis won the overall GC and Ben Frederick won the King of the Mountains competition at this past weekend's Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont!

Full results from the long weekend of racing:
  • 1st Overall GC (Bryan)
  • 1st Stage 3 App Gap Road Race (Bryan)
  • 1st KOM competition (Ben)
  • 6th Stage 1 ITT (Bryan)
  • 8th Stage 4 Burlington Criterium (Bryan)
  • 11th Overall GC (Chris Jones)
  • 13th Stage 4 Burlington Criterium (Dakota Schaeffer)
  • 14th Stage 1 Warren TT (Chris)
  • 15th Stage 3 App Gap RR (Chris)
  • 18th Stage 1 Warren TT (Ben)
  • 20th Stage 1 Warren TT (Andrew Seitz)
Stage 1 is a 6.5mi individual time trial - Bryan was our top finisher in 6th, with Chris, Ben, and Andy all also finishing in the top 20, giving us a lot of GC options for the weekend. Bryan would be our protected rider, but it is always good to have multiple riders with the ability to win.
Stage 2 is a 72mi road race with a short but steep hill each lap, and usually comes down to a field sprint. The goal was to protect Bryan but also to look for breakaway opportunities. Disaster almost struck when Bryan's rear tire flatted going into the climb on the 2nd of 3 laps - fortunately Curtis Winsor quickly gave up his wheel to Bryan, and Ben and Andy dropped back to pace him back to the field. On the last lap, a crash in another field's sprint caused our race to be neutralized with just a few miles remaining to race, leading to all our riders getting the same time, and no changes to the GC.
Stage 3 is a 95mi road race with 4 mountains to climb, including a mountain top finish on the Appalachian Gap, the highest 4-season road in Vermont. Ben got into the early break and proceeded to drop all but 1 of his companions over the 1st mountain. On that same climb, Andy followed another attack from the field and was able to ride clear over the summit, and then bridge solo to Ben, giving us 2 riders up the road, both real GC threats. This completely took the pressure off of us and made the other teams have to shoulder the burden of chasing. Ben and Andy stayed off the front until less than 10mi to race, and after the catch, Dakota did a stellar job steering Bryan and Chris into the final climb, where Bryan was able to win the stage and take the overall lead! As a bonus, Ben's breakaway and being 1st over 2 of the climbs was enough to lock up the KOM jersey for him and the team.
With only stage 4's criterium remaining, the goal of defending Bryan's narrow GC lead was clear. We did so from the front, with Ben leading Bryan out to win both intermediate time bonus sprints, further padding his GC lead. As a whole, the guys rode lights out for Bryan, with everyone throwing in 100% for his race. The only really scary moment came in the last 10 laps, as the field began to split and Bryan found himself isolated in the lead group of 8, with all the other GC contenders. He was extraordinarily cool under pressure, however, and did just enough work to prevent anyone from successfully attacking that group and was able to cross the line as the overall winner of the 2015 Green Mountain Stage Race!
Looking forward, we will be racing the Reading 120 UCI race this Saturday, followed by the Doylestown Criterium on Sunday, and then will end our 2015 campaign the following weekend with two NCC races, the Mayor's Cup in Boston, and the Connecticut Cycling Festival in Hartford.

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