"It was a blazing hot day in August.....

January 11, 2015

"It was a blazing hot day in August at Team BBC's last "Back to School Criterium", a multilap bicycle race around a ring road at a Local High School.  The Humidity was 100% and the late summer sun had heated the asphalt to melting point.  As I lined up for the start, cycle shoe cleats sinking into the road surface, I realized that hydration was key to surviving to the end of the hour-long race with something left in the tank for a sprint to the finish line.  Armed with CeraSport in my bottles, I set off at the starting whistle and sipped throughout the race. At about the 45 minute mark, many racers' performance was fading when the referee rang the bell for a prime lap as the peleton passed:  The first racer over the line would get a "Prime" or prize on the next lap.  Feeling like I still had a lot of pep left in the legs, I led out the sprint coming around the final corner.  As I apexed the turn and looked under my arm behind me, I saw that no one was able to keep up! I was all alone out front with a 200 meter lead on the pack!  Thanks to still being fresh, I managed to hold the lead all the way to the line and win the sprint"
E Russell, Team BBC (Baltimore Bicycling Club)

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