Cera Products History

December 14, 2014


The development of Cera Product’s oral rehydration therapy (ORT) products began in Bangladesh at the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research in Dhaka (ICDDRB) during the 1980s. It was at the ICDDRB where Cera Products Inc. president, Charlene Riikonen, Dr. David Sack and Dr. W. B. Greenough III met and worked together with the intention of preventing unnecessary suffering, severe illnesses and death by assisting individuals who were afflicted with dehydration and diarrhea. After returning to the United States, attempts were made to find a pharmaceutical company to take on the burden of developing a faster, more effective and better tolerated form of oral rehydration therapy. At the time no large pharmaceutical companies were interested in the research and development of a rice-based ORS product. Determined to develop a rice-based oral rehydration therapy product; Cera Products was founded in 1993 by Charlene Riikonen and Esko Riikonen. From there work began to find appropriate manufacturing partners in the United States and to develop the formulations.

CeraLyte: Prevents and Corrects Dehydration from Diarrhea     


In 1996, as part of an ongoing clinical research and product development relationship with Johns Hopkins University physicians Dr. Greenough and Dr. Sack, Cera Products Inc. undertook clinical studies. Following the initial results Cera Products, Inc. applied for its patents and began to manufacture CeraLyte ORS. In 1997, the core technology and formulations that comprise Cera’s products were awarded a U.S. patent. Since its first patent, Cera Products has continued to grow so that now the Company manufactures five specific oral hydration delivery products: CeraLyte®, CeraSport®, CeraFlu™, CeraVacx®, and CeraVet®. Cera’s products are kosher OU certified, and manufactured in the United States under GMP and with the formulations specified by the World Health Organization for ORS. A second patent for global applications is pending.              CeraLyte® is a rice-based oral electrolyte or “ORS” that prevents and corrects dehydration from diarrhea. Because of its unique patented formulation of mixed chain rice carbohydrate at low osmolarity of <220 mOsm/Liter, CeraLyte reduces diarrhea as it hydrates.

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