Testimonial From endurance swimmer Gene Fober

September 30, 2014

From endurance swimmer Gene Fober:

"I recently completed the 2nd Annual Alligator Lighthouse swim (September 20, 2014). The swim is an 8 nautical mile event that begins from Islamorada, loops around the Alligator Lighthouse, and finishes back at Islamorada. There were over 70 solo swimmers starting the event with 41 finishers. I was the 9th overall male finisher. The conditions during the event included 83-85 degree water temperatures, rolling sea, and 100’s of jellyfish. Results athttp://www.pigmantri.com/jmsracing/results14/alligator14.html. I consumed about 9 liters of 3 to 1 mixture of Cerasport to EX1 including before and after the event.

My schedule during the event was to drink at least one half liter every 30 minutes. I’ve found that this schedule allows me to compete at a high level of effort for extended periods without becoming physically exhausted. I also notice very little muscular soreness the next day as compared to previous events where I didn’t use Cerasport products. For the attached picture of the “preparing for the start”, I have an arrow pointing to me and an arrow on the right of the picture pointing to the Alligator Lighthouse. The other picture is relaxing after the swim while sipping on Cerasport."


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