Note from Cera Products sponsored athlete, JD Eskelson

September 22, 2014

Transalpine run (TAR) race update Family, Friends and Sponsors,

Photo taken by a race Medic on top of a 2513 meters (8245 ft) snowy and very windy (note my snow eyes and snowflakes in the face) mountain pass in the Southern Alps in Italy... my mandatory jacket and gloves are in my rucksack,  but not really needed since the other side of of the pass was warm and green down below ;)

Only 3 more days of racing-- all is well.

More info and pics here:

Or on Facebook.

p.s. Please pass onto others since I can't find everyone's email due to limited WiFi, etcetera

JD Eskelson

"Face Your Fears... Live Your Dreams!!"


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