Testimonial from CeraSport sponsored athlete, Tracey Sadler

May 21, 2016

"Good morning!

This is a photo of me shooting in Augusta, GA on April 30. 

As Stacey and I've said many times, Cera keeps us hydrated, which keeps us mentally focused for judging the distance to the targets within one yard and focused on a half dollar sized spot out to 50 yards.  I think if it wasn't for CeraSport, we would be mentally exhausted by the start of the second day.  There were over 2000 registered shooters at this event and we talked to everyone we came across.

I would to see you at an Archery Shooters Association Pro Am event.  It is mind blowing to people who've never seen it.  There will be the national finals, ASA Realtree Classic at Uchee Creek in Fort Benning August 4 - 7.  

Thank you for your support!

Tracey Sadler"

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