CeraSport and CeraLyte - High Performance Hydration for the Military

by Mike Nelson January 20, 2017

High Performance Hydration for the Military

The ultimate medical rehydration drink is also the rehydration choice for the military.  Rice-based, gluten-free, and made-in-the USA, ceralyte and Cerasport provide fast and sustained hydration, sweat loss replacement and enhanced performance.  Physicians from major medical institutions have created the ultimate way to keep hydrated and restore essential salts and fluids. Cera Products are the closest scientific match to the human body’s chemistry.

Government Contract Number and Cage Identifiers:

NATIONAL STOCK NUMBERS (NSNs) assigned to all products
VA/GSA Contract # V797P-5205b
DAPA MED/SURG Contract # SP0200-05-H-0081
DLA CEC Contract # SPM2D0-07-D-0005
NAPA # 0473
DUNS 83-591-7246
NAICS 325412

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson


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