CeraLyte FAQ Part VII

by Mike Nelson October 27, 2016


What is CeraLyte 90? When is it appropriate to use CeraLyte 90? How can I order/buy CeraLyte 90?


CeraLyte 90 is similar to CeraLyte 50 and 70 but contains the highest level of sodium, 90 milliequivalents per liter. CeraLyte-90 is for heavy purging, such as in short gut or other patients with significantly reduced absorption capacity. CeraLyte 90 can be used where the greatest levels of sodium are lost. You can use any major credit card to purchase CeraLyte-90 directly from Cera Products at 843-842-2600 or 1-888-237-2598 or at www.ceraproductsinc.com.


Should CeraLyte be given if the patient is vomiting?

Dehydration occurs more rapidly if the patient has diarrhea and vomiting. Treatment with CeraLyte should be initiated or continued unless other medical complications exist that would preclude oral treatment. Sipping small quantities frequently will allow more CeraLyte to be ingested and retained whereas ingesting larger volumes of fluids including CeraLyte could increase bouts of vomiting. Oral fluids should be avoided if the patient is unconscious or nearing unconsciousness and the patient should seek immediate medical attention.

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson


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