CeraSport sponsors Kupenda for the Childres through Adventures for the Cure

by Mike Nelson January 21, 2016

1hr For Kupenda charity event:

"On January 9th the Adventures For The Cure team put on a very unique event to raise money for Kupenda For The Children. Everyone brought their indoor bike trainers and power meters the Jailbreak Brewery in Laurel Maryland and set them up in front of the big screen TV. After a short warmup, starting at 9am we all held their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for exactly 1 hour. FTP is defined as the maxim power that a cyclist can hold while riding as hard as possible for exactly 1 hour. It was extremely hard to say the least!! Everyone who participated raised / donated money to the event. In total we was able to raise over $1,500.00 for the charity!!

Cerasport was on tap at the brewery to keep everyone hydrated and moving forward... we could not have done it without those electrolytes!! Yea.... we were at a brewery but drinking beer just would not cut it when we were working hard. Cerasport for the effort, maybe we had a beer after it was all over though ;)"


Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson


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