FAQ: When do I use CeraSport versus EX1?

by Mike Nelson November 05, 2015 1 Comment

When do I use CeraSport versus EX1?

Cerasport and EX1 are both good choices for everyday hydration and exercise; whether you are running, cycling, hiking or for anytime you are sweating  (yes, even mowing the lawn!).    Both formulas are all natural, gluten free and have no sugar added.   Cerasport  can be used for any activity, where maintaining blood sugar and preventing fatigue is essential.  Many have found the extra carbs contained in our original formula CeraSport, is better suited for endurance events, or temperatures that are more mild.  EX1 has almost twice the sodium and potassium levels as CeraSport;  this formula is ideal when you are not replenishing electrolyte levels quick enough because of intense output.  EX1 is recommended for extreme temperatures, including high heat, humidity, and altitude.    Some athletes use only EX1, and some use a combination of both CeraSport and EX1, depending on the temperatures of the day, and the time and energy put into your workout or ride.  You know your body best- listen to it.


Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson


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December 09, 2015

To get myself meoavittd I look at my fitness goals that I’ve written down, figure out how much further I need to go and then tell myself that reaching that goal comes one day at a time.It also helps to look at pictures of myself at my heaviest weight, and I quickly realize that I never want to be that heavy again.

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