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by Mike Nelson July 09, 2014

After Ben Frederick's aggressive ride to take the Most Courageous Rider award at the Clarendon Cup NCC race, he, Marcos Lazzarotto, Ben Fogle, Brett Kielick, and Neal Shepherd headed out to race the North Star Grand Prix NRC stage race, with support from Murray Davis, as well as Diamondback's James Weigand and David Brinsfield. As with any NRC stage race, the field and the courses were very challenging, but the guys persevered and saw some real success! Ben Frederick received call-ups for each of the criteriums and capitalized fully with an 8th place finish on the final stage Stillwater Criterium, widely regarded as one of the hardest crits in the country. Only 12 riders finished in the lead group that stage, and Ben's ride there landed him 15th in the overall GC and 2nd in the Best Amateur sub-competition, less than 10" out of the win!

Photo of Ben sprinting to a top-10 in Cyclingnews: http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/north-star-grand-prix-2014/stage-6/photos/310462

The following two weekends saw most of our riders putting the final touches on their training for our National Championships. We did have several guys compete in time trials, including Blair Berbert and Jon D'Alba going 1-2 in the Church Creek TT, Andy Seitz taking 2nd place in the NY State TT Championships, and Jacob Tremblay taking 2nd place in the Wintergreen Hillclimb TT.

That brings us to this past week, where we competed in the road race, time trial, and criterium at the US Elite National Championship in Madison, Wisconsin. The week started off with the RR, where the guys were careful to mark dangerous moves but also conserve energy. On the final lap, it came down to a "field sprint" up the 3.5km finishing climb. Jacob led us home in 18th place, with Andy and Ben Fogle right behind in 20th and 26th, respectively. The next day was a 26km TT, where we had all 4 riders in the top half of the results sheet, with Blair in 8th, Brett in 12th, Andy in 18th, and Jon in 35th. The week of racing wrapped up with the criterium around the Wisconsin State Capitol. This was a short race, at only 75' long, but our riders were extremely aggressive from the gun. The field was unwilling to let any riders go up the road, and no breakaways ever got more than a 10" gap. Not content to ride for a field sprint, Jon put in a huge attack with 3.5 laps to go and stayed away solo until he was reeled back in by the leadout trains with only a single 1km lap left.

Next up on our calendar, we will have several riders out in Bend, Oregon to compete in the Cascade Cycling Classic NRC stage race, while the rest of our squad will be active at the Tour of Hampton Roads, near Virginia Beach, VA. Our next big team goal will be the Tour of the Catskills in early August.

Some congratulations are also due to club riders Tony Barsi, Steven Kendall, Byron Horgash, Marc Frazier, R Muoio, Rick Norton, David Scharff, and Craig Snydal, for winning the MABRA Criterium Championships over the weekend! This is the 2nd year in a row that the club has won this championship race, and it's great to keep the jersey on Tony's shoulders.

As always, thanks for your support!X

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson


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