New Sweat Replacement Drink 'Ideal for the Serious Athlete of All Ages'

by Mike Nelson May 27, 2014

New Sweat Replacement Drink 'Ideal for the Serious Athlete of All Ages'

    JESSUP, Md., March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Athletes now can stay hydrated
 before, during or after exercise -- especially during training, bike races and
 long runs -- with a new sweat replacement drink.
     CeraSport(R) High Performance Electrolyte Sports Drink rapidly replaces
 vital fluids and electrolytes resulting from overexertion and sweat loss (see
     "CeraSport is ideal for the serious athlete of all ages," said David A.
 Sack, MD, professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and
     Developed by Cera Products together with physicians from Johns Hopkins
 University School of Medicine, CeraSport comprises a proprietary, patented
 blend of complex carbohydrates, rice protein and electrolytes.
     "Energy is needed during prolonged strenuous exercise," Sack added.
 "Complex carbohydrates, as are found in CeraSport, efficiently provide this
 energy.  And because they are in the complex form, they are efficiently
 absorbed without the side effects from simple-sugar solutions."
     Rice carbohydrates have been shown to promote salt and water absorption
 faster than simple glucose.  Consequently, people can drink more CeraSport
 while avoiding bloating, cramping and other unpleasant side effects often
 associated with glucose-based sports drinks.
     "In 98 degree heat, our girls won seven out of eight games in their
 softball tournament," said Marcie Schwartz, coach of the Columbia Cougars
 softball team.  "The other coaches asked why our girls weren't wilted."
     Available in single serving packets or canisters, CeraSport works at
 two-to-three times the speed of a regular sports drink.  Additionally, it
 sustains energy for hours through its long-chain carbohydrate and electrolyte
     "I tried it first, then gave it to my son," said Al Merrills, coach of
 Wilde Lake High School's track and football teams, who recommends the product
 to his teams.  "He won his first track meet after drinking CeraSport."
     But the product isn't just for athletes.  "It's also for anyone who
 experiences rapid fluid loss from heat stress and fevers," Sack added.  "And,
 CeraSport can really help people who work in high temperatures and humidity,
 such as construction and foundry work, farming operations, laundries, bakeries
 and kitchens."
     CeraSport is available through most wholesale distribution companies and
 catalogs and stores, and direct from Cera Products at 1-888-CeraLyte,
 301-490-4941 or

Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson


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